Case 1 presentation

by Dr. Philipp Franko Zeitz, Düsseldorf, Germany

Categories: Optic nerve, vitreoretinal, vascular changes

Key Questions: Pathology or anomaly? Extensive treatment or observation?

In contrast to other case reports that You might know, we want to present expert-level cases that do not have a clear and proper solution. We do this because we believe that a case report with just one specific solution will only add more encyclopedic knowledge to Your repertoire, while an open-ended case report with a discussion will train Your methods.

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Female, 78 years old

History of non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus, history of very mild diabetic retinopathy in the last years without significant changes, mild and well controlled arterial hypertension, otherwise healty, especially no other cardiovascular diseases.


Best-corrected visual acuity: OD 20/20, OS 20/25

IOD: 18/19 mmHg

Anterior segment: OU shallow, but not occludable angle (slightly above 20°), mild cataract, otherwise within normal limits

Fundus: OU optic disc sharp and pink, preretinal sharp bordered kidney-shaped membrane with fine vascularization on the nasal margin of the optic disc (see photos, FLA and OCT), macula without abnormalities, few microaneurysms and dot hemorrhages in the mid-periphery and periphery



What caused these changes and how would You proceed?


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