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захарна болест

захарна болест [1] - source: Philipp Franko Zeitz, Praxis Zeitz Franko Zeitz, Düsseldorf, Germany
захарна болест [2] - source: Prof. Tobias Stupp, Meerbusch, Germany


захарен диабет


[AR] السكري
[AR] مرض السكّر
[DE] Diabetes mellitus (Abbreviations & acronyms: Diabetes, DM, Diab. mel.)
[DE] Zuckerkrankheit
[EN] diabetes mellitus (Abbreviations & acronyms: diabetes, DM)
[ES] diabetes mellitus (Abbreviations & acronyms: DM)
[F] diabète sucré (Abbreviations & acronyms: diabète )
[GR] σακχαρώδης διαβήτης (Abbreviations & acronyms: διαβήτης)
[HI] चीनी की बीमारी
[HI] मधुमेह
[HR] dijabetes melitus (Abbreviations & acronyms: dijabetes)
[HR] šećerna bolest
[I] diabete mellito (Abbreviations & acronyms: DM)
[JAP] 糖尿病
[NL] diabetes mellitus (Abbreviations & acronyms: DM)
[NL] suikerziekte
[POR] diabetes mellitus (Abbreviations & acronyms: DM)
[RUS] сахарный диабет
[SV] diabetes mellitus (Abbreviations & acronyms: diabetes, DM)
[SV] sockersjuka
[TÜR] diabetes mellitus

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