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ендокринна орбитопатия


ендокринната офталмопатия


[CH] 甲状腺眼病
[DE] endokrine Ophthalmopathie (Abbreviations & acronyms: EO)
[DE] endokrine Orbitopathie (Abbreviations & acronyms: EO)
[EN] dysthyroid orbitopathy (Abbreviations & acronyms: DO)
[EN] endocrine ophthalmopathy (Abbreviations & acronyms: EO)
[EN] endocrine orbitopathy (Abbreviations & acronyms: EO)
[EN] Graves ophthalmopathy (Abbreviations & acronyms: GO)
[EN] Graves orbitopathy (Abbreviations & acronyms: GO)
[EN] Graves' ophthalmopathy (Abbreviations & acronyms: GO)
[EN] Graves' orbitopathy (Abbreviations & acronyms: GO)
[EN] thyroid eye disease (Abbreviations & acronyms: TED)
[EN] thyroid ophthalmopathy (Abbreviations & acronyms: TO)
[EN] thyroid orbitopathy (Abbreviations & acronyms: TO)
[EN] thyroid-associated orbitopathy (Abbreviations & acronyms: TAO)
[ES] oftalmopatía endocrina
[ES] orbitopatía de Graves
[ES] orbitopatia distiroidea
[ES] orbitopatía distiroidea
[ES] orbitopatía endocrina
[ES] orbitopatia tiroidea
[F] orbitopathie dysthyroïdienne
[F] orbitopathie endocrinienne (Abbreviations & acronyms: OE)
[F] orbitopathie thyroïdienne
[GR] θυρεοειδική οφθαλμοπάθεια
[HR] distireoidna oftalmopatija
[HR] Gravesova oftalmopatija
[I] oftalmopatia distiroidea
[I] oftalmopatia endocrina (Abbreviations & acronyms: OE)
[I] orbitopatia di Graves
[I] orbitopatia distiroidea
[I] orbitopatia endocrina (Abbreviations & acronyms: OE)
[I] orbitopatia tiroidea
[JAP] 甲状腺眼症
[NL] endocriene ophthalmopathie
[NL] endocriene orbitopathie
[NL] Graves orbitopathie
[POR] oftalmopatia endócrina
[POR] orbitopatia de Graves
[POR] orbitopatia distireoidiana
[POR] orbitopatia endócrina
[POR] orbitopatia tireoidiana
[POR] orbitopatia tiroideia
[SV] endokrin oftalmopati (Abbreviations & acronyms: EO)
[TÜR] Graves egzoftalmus
[TÜR] Graves orbitopati
[TÜR] infiltratif oftalmopati
[TÜR] infiltratif orbitopati
[TÜR] tiroid orbitopati


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