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интракапсуларна екстракция на леща


интракапсуларна екстракция


[DE] intracapsuläre Cataractextraction (Abbreviations & acronyms: ICCE)
[DE] intracapsuläre Linsenextraction
[DE] intrakapsuläre Kataraktextraktion
[DE] intrakapsuläre Linsenextraktion
[EN] intracapsular cataract extraction (Abbreviations & acronyms: ICCE)
[EN] intracapsular lens extraction
[ES] extracción intracapsular de catarata
[F] extraction intra-capsulaire de la cataracte
[F] extraction intracapsulaire de la cataracte
[HR] intrakapsularna ekstrakcija katarakte (Abbreviations & acronyms: ICCE)
[I] estrazione della cataratta intracapsulare
[I] estrazione intracapsulare del cristallino
[I] estrazione intracapsulare della cataratta

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