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нервус фациалис


7-ми нерв
7-ми черепномозъчен нерв
лицев нерв


[DE] Fazialis
[DE] Nervus facialis (Abbreviations & acronyms: N. facialis, N. VII, Facialis)
[EN] cranial nerve 7 (Abbreviations & acronyms: CN VII, CN7, VII)
[EN] cranial nerve VII (Abbreviations & acronyms: CN VII, CN7, VII)
[EN] facial nerve (Abbreviations & acronyms: CN VII, CN7, VII)
[ES] nervio facial (Abbreviations & acronyms: par craneal VII)
[F] nerf facial
[GR] προσωπικό νεύρο
[I] nervo facciale
[I] nervo faciale
[JAP] 顔面神経 (Abbreviations & acronyms: 脳神経VII)
[NL] aangezichtszenuw
[NL] nervus facialis (Abbreviations & acronyms: nervus VII, VII)
[TÜR] nervus facialis


CN = cranial nerve

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