Dictionary of Ophthalmology

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речник по офталмология (мн.ч.)


[AR] قاموس طب العيون
[DE] Fachwörterbuch der Augenheilkunde
[DE] Fachwörterbuch der Ophthalmologie
[DE] Fremdsprachenlexikon Augenheilkunde
[DE] Lexikon der Augenheilkunde
[DE] mehrsprachiges augenheilkundliches Glossar
[DE] multilinguales ophthalmologisches Glossar
[DE] ophthalmologisches Fachwörterbuch
[DE] Thesaurus Ophthalmologie
[DE] Wörterbuch der Augenheilkunde
[EN] dictionary of ophthalmology
[EN] multilingual glossary of ophthalmology
[EN] ophthalmologic dictionary
[EN] ophthalmologic glossary
[EN] ophthalmologic thesaurus
[ES] diccionario de oftalmologia
[ES] diccionario oftalmológico
[ES] glosario oftalmológico
[ES] tesauro oftalmológico
[F] dictionnaire d´ophtalmologie
[F] dictionnaire ophtalmologique
[F] glossaire ophtalmologique
[F] thésaurus ophtalmologique
[GR] Λεξικό της Οφθαλμολογίας
[GR] οφθαλμολογικο λεξικο
[HR] oftalmološki rječnik
[HR] oftalmološki tezaurus
[HR] rječnik oftalmologije
[I] dizionario di oftalmologia
[I] dizionario plurilingue di oftalmologia
[I] glossario oftalmologico
[I] tesauro di oftalmologia
[I] thesaurus di oftalmologia
[NL] oftalmologisch lexicon
[NL] oftalmologisch thesaurus
[NL] oftalmologisch woordenboek
[NL] oogheelkundig woordenboek
[NL] woordenboek oftalmologie
[NL] woordenboek oogheelkunde
[POR] dicionário de oftalmologia
[POR] glossário de oftalmologia
[POR] tesauro de oftalmologia
[POR] thesaurus de oftalmologia
[RUS] многоязычный глоссарий офтальмологических терминов
[RUS] специальный словарь офтальмологии
[SV] oftalmologisk ordbok

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