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epithelium removal

epithelium removal - source: Philipp Franko Zeitz, Praxis Zeitz Franko Zeitz, Düsseldorf, Germany


corneal abrasion
corneal debridement
corneal deepithelisation (UK)
corneal deepithelization (US)
corneal epithelium removal
removal of corneal epithelium
removal of epithelium
removal of the corneal epithelium
removal of the epithelium


[AR] خدش القرنية (Abbreviations & acronyms: Abrasio)
[BG] абразио на роговицата (Abbreviations & acronyms: абразио)
[DE] Abrasio corneae (Abbreviations & acronyms: Abrasio)
[F] débridement épithélial
[F] retrait de l´épithélium
[F] retrait de l´épithélium cornéen
[SV] abrasio
[TÜR] kornea abrazyonu (Abbreviations & acronyms: abrazyon)


ACHTUNG: "corneal abrasion" bezeichnet im Englischen die Erosio corneae als generelles Trauma, nicht speziell (aber auch) die iatrogene Prozedur!
Quod vide: Erosio corneae - corneal abrasion, Abrasio corneae - corneal abrasion

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