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gece körlüğü
gündüz körlüğü
tavuk karası


[BG] кокоша слепота
[BG] никталопия
[BG] нощна слепота
[BG] хемералопия
[CH] 昼盲
[DE] Hemeralopie
[DE] Nachtblindheit
[DE] Nyktalopie
[DE] Tagblindheit
[EN] day blindness
[EN] hemeralopia
[EN] night blindness
[EN] nyctalopia
[ES] hemeralopía
[ES] nictalopía
[F] héméralopie
[F] nyctalopie
[HR] hemeralopija
[HR] niktalopija
[I] emeralopia
[I] nictalopia
[JAP] 夜盲症
[NL] hemeralopie
[NL] nyctalopie
[POR] hemeralopia
[POR] nictalopia
[SV] hemeralopi


ACHTUNG: Trotz gegensätzlicher Bedeutung werden die Begriffe teils synonym oder in verschiedenen Sprachen mit unterschiedlicher Bedeutung genutzt!
ATTENTION: Despite being opposites, the listed terms are used synonymous in some languages or with opposite meaning dependent on language!

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