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ακτινική αμφιβληστροειδοπάθεια


"E" eye chart (Abbreviations & acronyms: "E" chart)"the eye's clear internal jelly""tumbling E" (Abbreviations & acronyms: E)"tumbling E" chart"tumbling E" eye chart




106Ru plaque


24h measurement of intraocular pressure (Abbreviations & acronyms: 24h measurement of IOP)24h monitoring of intraocular pressure (Abbreviations & acronyms: 24h monitoring of IOP)24h observation of intraocular pressure (Abbreviations & acronyms: 24h observation of IOP)


A-constantA-scan biometry (Abbreviations & acronyms: A scan, A-scan)A-scan ultrasonography (Abbreviations & acronyms: A scan, A-scan)A-scan ultrasound biometry (Abbreviations & acronyms: A scan, A-scan)abducens nerve (Abbreviations & acronyms: abducens, CN VI, CN6, VI)abducens nerve palsy (Abbreviations & acronyms: abducens palsy, ANP)abducens nerve paralysis (Abbreviations & acronyms: abducens paralysis, ANP)abducens nerve paresis (Abbreviations & acronyms: abducens paresis, ANP)abducent nerve (Abbreviations & acronyms: CN VI, CN6, VI)abductionaberrationaberrations Aberrometeraberrometeraberrometryablatio retinaeablationablation profileablation zoneabnormal eyelid positionabnormal head posture (Abbreviations & acronyms: AHP)abnormal retinal correspondence (Abbreviations & acronyms: ARC)abscessabsolute pupil rigidityabsolute pupillary rigidityabsolute scotomaabsolute visual field defect (Abbreviations & acronyms: absolute defect)absolute visual field loss (Abbreviations & acronyms: absolute loss)acanthamebaacanthameba keratitis (Abbreviations & acronyms: AK)acanthamoebaacanthamoeba keratitis (Abbreviations & acronyms: AK)acanthamoebic keratitis (Abbreviations & acronyms: AK)accidentaccidentalaccommodating intraocular lens (Abbreviations & acronyms: accommodating IOL, accommodating lens)accommodationaccommodation rangeaccommodative accommodative intraocular lens (Abbreviations & acronyms: accommodative IOL, accommodative lens)accomodation accomodation rangeaccomodative accompanyingaccompanying effectaccompanying retinal detachmentaccompanying strabismusACD-constantacetaminophenacetylsalicylic acid (Abbreviations & acronyms: ASA)acheachromasiaachromatopsiaacid burnacquiredactinic conjunctivitisactinic keratosis (Abbreviations & acronyms: AK)actinic retinopathyactionactivityacuity chartacuteacute angle closure acute angle closure glaucoma (Abbreviations & acronyms: acute angle glaucoma)acute angle-closure glaucoma (Abbreviations & acronyms: acute angle glaucoma)acute demyelinating encephalomyelitis (Abbreviations & acronyms: ADEM)acute disseminated encephalomyelitis (Abbreviations & acronyms: ADEM)acute idiopathic blind spot enlargement (Abbreviations & acronyms: AIBSE)acute multifocal placoid pigment epitheliopathy (Abbreviations & acronyms: AMPPE)acute multifocal posterior placoid pigment epitheliopathy (Abbreviations & acronyms: AMPPPE)acute posterior multifocal placoid pigment epitheliopathy (Abbreviations & acronyms: APMPPE)acute red eye (Abbreviations & acronyms: ARE)acute red eyes (pl.) (Abbreviations & acronyms: ARE)acute retinal necrosis (Abbreviations & acronyms: ARN)acute retinal necrosis syndrome (Abbreviations & acronyms: ARNS)acute retinal pigment epithelitis (Abbreviations & acronyms: ARPE)acute zonal occult outer retinopathy (Abbreviations & acronyms: AZOOR)add on intraocular lens (uncommon) (Abbreviations & acronyms: add on IOL)add-on intraocular lens (uncommon) (Abbreviations & acronyms: add-on IOL)addition (Abbreviations & acronyms: add.)additionaladductionadenoma sebaceumadherenceadhesionadhesive bandageadhesive eye patch (Abbreviations & acronyms: patch)adhesive eye shieldadhesive eyepatch (Abbreviations & acronyms: patch)adhesive tapeAdie´s pupilAdie´s tonic pupiladjustable sutureadministration admission (to hospital)adult vitelliform macular degeneration (Abbreviations & acronyms: AVMD)adult vitelliform macular dystrophy (Abbreviations & acronyms: AVMD)adult-onset vitelliform macular dystrophy (Abbreviations & acronyms: AVMD)advancedadvanced cataractadvanced senile cataractadvanced surface ablation (Abbreviations & acronyms: ASA)adverse drug reaction (Abbreviations & acronyms: ADR)adverse effectadverse event (Abbreviations & acronyms: AE )adverse reaction (Abbreviations & acronyms: AR)aetiologyafferent pupillary defectafter-cataractafter-imageafterimageagainst the rule astigmatism (Abbreviations & acronyms: ATRA)age groupage-related eye disease study (Abbreviations & acronyms: AREDS)age-related macular degeneration (Abbreviations & acronyms: AMD, ARMD)Ahmed glaucoma valve (Abbreviations & acronyms: AGV)Ahmed implantAhmed valveAhmed valve implant (Abbreviations & acronyms: AVI)aided air-puff tonometer (Abbreviations & acronyms: APT)air-puff tonometry (Abbreviations & acronyms: APT)airpuff tonometer (Abbreviations & acronyms: APT)airpuff tonometry (Abbreviations & acronyms: APT)akinetopsia alexiaAlice-in-Wonderland syndrome (Abbreviations & acronyms: AIWS)alkali burnallergic conjunctivitisallergyallergy to preservativesallograft rejection (Abbreviations & acronyms: rejection)allograft rejection reaction (Abbreviations & acronyms: rejection)alpha zonealpha zone parapapillary atrophyalpha zone peripapillary atrophyalpha-adrenergic receptor agonist (Abbreviations & acronyms: alpha-agonist)alpha-zone parapapillary atrophyalpha-zone peripapillary atrophyalpha2-adrenergic receptor agonist (Abbreviations & acronyms: alpha2-agonist)alterationalterations of the retinal pigment epithelium (Abbreviations & acronyms: alterations of the RPE)alternate cover test (Abbreviations & acronyms: ACT)alternate prism and cover test (Abbreviations & acronyms: APCT)alternate prism cover test (Abbreviations & acronyms: APCT)alternating nystagmus (Abbreviations & acronyms: AN)alternating strabismusaltitudinal hemianopiaaltitudinal hemianopsiaamacrine cellamacrine cells amaurosisamaurosis fugax (Abbreviations & acronyms: AF)amaurotic pupilamaurotic pupil rigidityamaurotic pupillary rigidityamblyopiaambulantambulatoryambulatory treatmentamelanotic melanomaamelanotic naevusamelanotic nevusametropiaaminoglycoside-antibiotics (Abbreviations & acronyms: aminoglycosides )amnion membrane (Abbreviations & acronyms: AM)amniotic membrane (Abbreviations & acronyms: AM)amniotic membrane transplantation (Abbreviations & acronyms: AMT)amotio retinaeamplitude of accommodation (Abbreviations & acronyms: AA)amplitude of accomodation (wrong spelling!) (Abbreviations & acronyms: AA)Amsler chartAmsler gridAmsler signAmsler´s signanaesthesiaanaesthesiologist anaesthesiologyanaesthetist analgesic anamnesisanamnestic anatomic variantanchoring fibrils anesthesiaanesthesiologist anesthesiologyanesthetist angioedemaangioid streakangioid streaksangiooedemaangle (Abbreviations & acronyms: ang.)angle closureangle closure glaucoma (Abbreviations & acronyms: ACG)angle of deviation (Abbreviations & acronyms: AOD)angle recessionangle-supportedanhidrosisaniridiaaniseikoniaanisocoriaanisometropiaannular reflex annular tendonannulus of Zinnanomaloscope anomalous head posture (Abbreviations & acronyms: AHP)anomalous quotient (Abbreviations & acronyms: AQ)anomalous retinal correspondence (Abbreviations & acronyms: ARC)anomalyanophthalmiaanophthalmosanopiaanopsiaanterioranterior basement membrane dystrophy (Abbreviations & acronyms: ABMD)anterior blepharitisanterior capsular membrane (Abbreviations & acronyms: ACM)anterior capsular phimosis (Abbreviations & acronyms: capsular phimosis)anterior capsular ruptureanterior capsular tearanterior capsule anterior capsule contraction syndrome (Abbreviations & acronyms: ACCS)anterior capsule membrane (Abbreviations & acronyms: ACM)anterior chamber (Abbreviations & acronyms: AC)anterior chamber angle (Abbreviations & acronyms: ACA, angle)anterior chamber angle width (Abbreviations & acronyms: angle width)anterior chamber aqueous flareanterior chamber cells (Abbreviations & acronyms: ACC, cells, C)anterior chamber cleavage syndromeanterior chamber cleavage syndrome anterior chamber depth (Abbreviations & acronyms: ACD, AC depth)anterior chamber flare (Abbreviations & acronyms: ACF)anterior chamber intraocular lens (Abbreviations & acronyms: anterior chamber IOL, AC IOL, AC-IOL, ACIOL)anterior chamber irrigationanterior chamber lens (Abbreviations & acronyms: ACL)anterior chamber quiet (Abbreviations & acronyms: AC quiet, AC q, ACQ)anterior chamber reactionanterior chamber tap (Abbreviations & acronyms: AC tap)anterior ciliary artery (Abbreviations & acronyms: ACA)anterior corneal surface (Abbreviations & acronyms: anterior surface)anterior eye segment (Abbreviations & acronyms: AES)anterior eye segments (Abbreviations & acronyms: AES)anterior hyaloid membrane anterior ischaemic optic neuropathy (Abbreviations & acronyms: AION)anterior ischemic optic neuropathy (Abbreviations & acronyms: AION)anterior lacrimal crestanterior lens surface (Abbreviations & acronyms: ALS)anterior polar cataract (Abbreviations & acronyms: APC)anterior retinal dialysisanterior segment (Abbreviations & acronyms: AS)anterior segment dysgenesis (Abbreviations & acronyms: ASD)anterior segment mesenchymal dysgenesisanterior segment of the eyeanterior segment optical coherence tomography (Abbreviations & acronyms: anterior segment OCT, AS-OCT, ASOCT)anterior segment surgeonanterior segment surgeryanterior segments (Abbreviations & acronyms: AS)anterior stromal puncture (Abbreviations & acronyms: ASP)anterior synechiaanterior synechiae anterior uveitis (Abbreviations & acronyms: AU)anterior vitrectomyanterior vitreous face anterior vitreous membrane (Abbreviations & acronyms: AVM)anti-reflective coating (Abbreviations & acronyms: AR-coating)anti-VEGFanti-VEGF therapyanti-VEGF treatmentantibiogramantibioticantibiotic resistance (Abbreviations & acronyms: resistance )antibiotics anticoagulant anticoagulants antiglaucoma agentantiglaucoma agents antiglaucoma drugantiglaucoma drugs antiglaucomatous agentantiglaucomatous agents antiglaucomatous drugantiglaucomatous drugs antihistamineantihistamines antireflection coating (Abbreviations & acronyms: AR-coating)antireflection-coated (Abbreviations & acronyms: AR-coated)antireflective coating (Abbreviations & acronyms: AR coating)antireflexion coating (Abbreviations & acronyms: AR-coating)antireflexion-coated (Abbreviations & acronyms: AR-coated)apertureaphakiaaphakicaphakic spectaclesapical corneal scar (Abbreviations & acronyms: apical scar)apical corneal scarring (Abbreviations & acronyms: apical scarring)apperceptive agnosiaapplanateapplanation A-scan ultrasonography (Abbreviations & acronyms: applanation A-scan)applanation tonometerapplanation tonometryapplanatoryapplicationapplied researchappointmentappointments approval aqueous flare (Abbreviations & acronyms: AF)aqueous flowaqueous humor (Abbreviations & acronyms: AH)aqueous humor flowaqueous humour (Abbreviations & acronyms: AH)aqueous humour flowaqueous layeraqueous misdirectionaqueous misdirection syndromeaqueous outflowaqueous tear deficiencyaqueous vein aqueous vein of Ascherarc cutarc of contactarc-flash keratoconjunctivitisarcminutearcsecondarcuatearcuate scotomaarcuate visual field defect (Abbreviations & acronyms: arcuate VFD, arcuate defect)arcuate visual field loss (Abbreviations & acronyms: arcuate VFL)arcus lipoidesarcus senilisarea extrastriata (Abbreviations & acronyms: V2-V5)areas of capillary non-perfusionareas of capillary nonperfusionareas of non-perfusionareas of nonperfusionareolar atrophyargon laser peripheral iridoplasty (Abbreviations & acronyms: ALPI)Argon laser photocoagulationArgon laser trabeculoplasty (Abbreviations & acronyms: ALT, ALTP)Argyll Robertson pupil (Abbreviations & acronyms: ARP, AR pupil)Argyll-Robertson pupil (Abbreviations & acronyms: ARP, AR pupil)argyriaargyrosisArlt´s trianglearteria ciliarisarteria ciliaris anteriorarteria ciliaris posteriorarteria ciliaris posterior brevisarteria ciliaris posterior longusarterial attenuationarterial blood pressure (Abbreviations & acronyms: ABP)arterial hypertension (Abbreviations & acronyms: AHTN, AHT)arterial narrowingarterial pressure (Abbreviations & acronyms: AP)arteriitic PION (Abbreviations & acronyms: APION)arteriitic posterior ischaemic optic neuropathy (Abbreviations & acronyms: APION)arteriitic posterior ischemic optic neuropathy (Abbreviations & acronyms: APION)arterio-venous crossing changes (Abbreviations & acronyms: AV crossing changes)arterio-venous nicking (Abbreviations & acronyms: AV nicking)arterio-venous nipping (Abbreviations & acronyms: AV nipping)arteriolar attenuationarteriolar narrowingarteriosclerosis arteriovenous (Abbreviations & acronyms: AV)arteriovenous crossing changes (Abbreviations & acronyms: AV crossing changes)arteriovenous nicking (Abbreviations & acronyms: AV nicking)arteriovenous nicking (Abbreviations & acronyms: AV nicking)arteriovenous nipping (Abbreviations & acronyms: AV nipping)arteriovenous nipping (Abbreviations & acronyms: AV nipping)arteritic AION (Abbreviations & acronyms: AAION)arteritic anterior ischemic optic neuropathy (Abbreviations & acronyms: AAION)artery (Abbreviations & acronyms: A.)artifactartificial eyeartificial intraocular lens (Abbreviations & acronyms: artificial IOL)artificial lensartificial tears (Abbreviations & acronyms: AT)Ascher´s veinasphericasphericalasphericityaspirateaspiration aspiration assay assessmentassessmentassistant doctorassistant physicianAssociation of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians (Abbreviations & acronyms: ASHIP)asteroid hyalosis (Abbreviations & acronyms: AH)asthenopiaastigmatic axis (Abbreviations & acronyms: axis)astigmatic keratotomy (Abbreviations & acronyms: AK)astigmatismastigmatism axis (Abbreviations & acronyms: axis)astrocytic hamartomaat bedtimeathalamiaatheroma atonic pupilatopic keratoconjunctivitis (Abbreviations & acronyms: AKC)atrophicatrophic retinal holeatrophyattach attendantattending physician (Abbreviations & acronyms: attending)attenuated arteries attenuated arterioleattenuated arterioles (pl.)attenuated arteryattenuated blood vesselattenuated vesselattenuation of arteriesattenuation of arteriolesatypical facial pain (Abbreviations & acronyms: ATFP, AFP)augmentationauraauto refractometer (Abbreviations & acronyms: AR)autofluorescenceautoimmune retinopathyautologous serum eye dropsautologous serum eyedropsautomated lamellar keratoplasty (Abbreviations & acronyms: ALK)automated refraction system (Abbreviations & acronyms: ARS)autorefraction (Abbreviations & acronyms: AR)autorefractometer (Abbreviations & acronyms: AR)autorefractor (Abbreviations & acronyms: AR)autosomal dominant optic atrophy (Abbreviations & acronyms: ADOA)Avellino corneal dystrophy (Abbreviations & acronyms: ACD)Avellino dystrophyAxenfeld loopAxenfeld nerve loopAxenfeld syndromeAxenfeld's loopAxenfeld's nerve loopAxenfeld-Rieger anomalyAxenfeld-Rieger syndrome (Abbreviations & acronyms: ARS)axial curvatureaxial dioptric poweraxial length (Abbreviations & acronyms: AL)axial length scan (Abbreviations & acronyms: axial scan, A scan, A-scan)axial length valueaxial poweraxial refractive poweraxisaxis of astigmatism (Abbreviations & acronyms: axis)axis of cylinder (Abbreviations & acronyms: axis)


B-scan ultrasonography (Abbreviations & acronyms: B scan, B-scan)background retinopathybacterial conjunctivitisbacterial DNA gyrase inhibitors Baerveldt implantBagolini striated glass testBagolini testbalanced salt solution (Abbreviations & acronyms: BSS)band keratopathyband-aidbandagebandage contact lens (Abbreviations & acronyms: bandage CL)bandage lensBangerter foilBangerter occlusion foilBardet–Biedl syndromebaring of a circumlinear vessel (Abbreviations & acronyms: baring of a vessel)baring of circumlinear vessels (Abbreviations & acronyms: baring of vessels)basal cell carcinoma (Abbreviations & acronyms: BCC)basal iridectomybasal laminabasal laminar drusen (Abbreviations & acronyms: BLD)base base curve (Abbreviations & acronyms: BC)base curve radius (Abbreviations & acronyms: BCR)base down (Abbreviations & acronyms: BD)base in (Abbreviations & acronyms: BI)base out (Abbreviations & acronyms: BO)base up (Abbreviations & acronyms: BU)baselinebasement membrane (Abbreviations & acronyms: BM)basement membrane dystrophy (Abbreviations & acronyms: BMD)basic researchBates methodbayoneting (of the vessels)bean pot cup appearance (Abbreviations & acronyms: bean pot appearance)bean pot cuppingbean-pot cup appearance (Abbreviations & acronyms: bean-pot appearance)bean-pot cuppingbean-pot-cuppingbear trackbear tracks beaten bronzebeaten bronze appearanceBeaver Dam Eye Study (Abbreviations & acronyms: BDES)Behcet´s diseaseBehçet´s diseaseBell´s palsyBell’s palsyBell’s phenomenonbenignbenign intracranial hypertension (Abbreviations & acronyms: BIH)benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (Abbreviations & acronyms: BPPV)benign paroxysmal positioning vertigo (Abbreviations & acronyms: BPPV)benignancyBergmeister´s papillaBerlin´s edemaBerlin´s oedemaBernard-Horner syndromeBesnier-Boeck-Schaumann diseaseBesnier-Boeck-Schaumann´s diseasebest corrected distance vision (Abbreviations & acronyms: BCDV)best corrected distance visual acuity (Abbreviations & acronyms: BCDVA)best corrected near vision (Abbreviations & acronyms: BCNV)best corrected near visual acuity (Abbreviations & acronyms: BCNVA)best corrected vision (Abbreviations & acronyms: BCV)best corrected visual acuity (Abbreviations & acronyms: BCVA)best spectacle corrected visual acuity (Abbreviations & acronyms: BSCVA)best spectacle-corrected visual acuity (Abbreviations & acronyms: BSCVA)Best´s diseaseBest´s vitelliform macular dystrophy (Abbreviations & acronyms: BVMD, Best-VMD)beta blockerbeta blockers beta zonebeta zone parapapillary atrophybeta zone peripapillary atrophybeta-adrenergic antagonistbeta-adrenergic antagonists beta-adrenergic receptor antagonistbeta-adrenergic receptor antagonists beta-zone parapapillary atrophybeta-zone peripapillary atrophyBiedl-Bardet syndromeBietti´s crystalline corneoretinal dystrophyBietti´s crystalline dystrophy (Abbreviations & acronyms: BCD)Bietti´s nodular dystrophyBietti´s nodular hyaline band-shaped dystrophyBietti´s nodular hyaline band-shaped keratopathyBietti´s nodular hyaline bandshaped dystrophyBietti´s nodular hyaline bandshaped keratopathybifocal eyeglass lensbifocal eyeglass lenses bifocal glassesbifocal lensbifocal lenses bifocalsbilateral (Abbreviations & acronyms: bil. )bilaterally equalbinasal hemianopia (Abbreviations & acronyms: BNHA)binasal hemianopsia (Abbreviations & acronyms: BNHA)binocularbinocular disparity binocular dysphoriabinocular indirect ophthalmomicroscope (Abbreviations & acronyms: BIOM)binocular periorbital haematomabinocular periorbital hematomabinocular statusbinocular visionbinoculars biomechanicalbiomechanicsbiometrybiomicroscopebiomicroscopy (Abbreviations & acronyms: BM)biopsy birdshot chorioretinopathybirdshot retinochorioidopathybirdshot retinochoroidopathybirdshot uveitisbitemporal hemianopia (Abbreviations & acronyms: BTHA)bitemporal hemianopsia (Abbreviations & acronyms: BTHA)Bitot's spotBitot's spotBitot's spotsBitot's spots Bjerrum scotomaBjerrum´s screenblack eye blebblebitisblepharitisblepharochalasis (Abbreviations & acronyms: BC)blepharoconjunctivitisblepharophimosisblepharoplasty (Abbreviations & acronyms: BP)blepharospasm (Abbreviations & acronyms: BS)blind spotblindnessblinkblinkblinking rateblockage bloodblood clot blood flowblood flow rateblood glucose level (Abbreviations & acronyms: BGL)blood platelet (Abbreviations & acronyms: platelet)blood pressure (Abbreviations & acronyms: BP)blood serum (Abbreviations & acronyms: serum)blood sugar concentration (Abbreviations & acronyms: blood sugar )blood sugar level (Abbreviations & acronyms: BSL)blood vessel (Abbreviations & acronyms: BV)blood vessel tortuosityblood-aqueous-barrier (Abbreviations & acronyms: BAB)blood-retinal barrier (Abbreviations & acronyms: BRB)blot haemorrhage (Abbreviations & acronyms: BH)blot hemorrhage (Abbreviations & acronyms: BH)blow out fracture (Abbreviations & acronyms: BOF)blowout fracture (Abbreviations & acronyms: BOF)blue blocking intraocular lens (Abbreviations & acronyms: blue blocking IOL)blue dot cataractblue light blocking intraocular lens (Abbreviations & acronyms: blue light blocking IOL)blue light filtering intraocular lens (Abbreviations & acronyms: blue light filtering IOL)blue light-blocking intraocular lens (Abbreviations & acronyms: blue light-blocking IOL)Blue Mountains Eye Study (Abbreviations & acronyms: BMES)blue-blocking intraocular lens (Abbreviations & acronyms: blue-blocking IOL)blunting of foveal contourblurred (context: disc margin blurred)blurred bordersblurred marginblurred visionblurriness of visionblurry visionBoeck´s diseasebone spicule bone spicule pigmentation (Abbreviations & acronyms: BSP)bone spicule-shaped pigment depositbone spicule-shaped pigment deposits bone spiculesbony orbitborderboth eyesBowman´s layer (Abbreviations & acronyms: BL)Bowman´s membrane (Abbreviations & acronyms: BM)boxcarringbranch retinal artery obstruction (Abbreviations & acronyms: BRAO)branch retinal artery occlusion (Abbreviations & acronyms: BRAO)branch retinal vein obstruction (Abbreviations & acronyms: BRVO)branch retinal vein occlusion (Abbreviations & acronyms: BRVO)break up time (Abbreviations & acronyms: BUT)break-up time (Abbreviations & acronyms: BUT)breakup time (Abbreviations & acronyms: BUT)brightnessbroad cupbroad-spectrum antibioticbroad-spectrum antibiotics Brodmann areabrowBrown's syndromeBruch's membrane opening (Abbreviations & acronyms: BMO)Bruch´s membrane (Abbreviations & acronyms: BrM, BM)Bruch’s membrane (Abbreviations & acronyms: BrM, BM)Brueghel's syndromebubblebucklebucklebuckle surgerybuckling surgerybulbar sheathbullous keratopathy (Abbreviations & acronyms: BK)bull´s eye maculopathybuphthalmosbuphthalmusburning eye sensationburning eyesburning sensation (Abbreviations & acronyms: burning)


C-reactive protein (Abbreviations & acronyms: CRP)calcific band keratopathycalcium depositcampimetercampimetrycanal of Schlemm (Abbreviations & acronyms: CS)canaloplastycancercancer-associated retinopathy (Abbreviations & acronyms: CAR)cannula canthal ligamentcanula capcapillary haemangioma capillary hemangioma capillary non-perfusioncapillary nonperfusioncapsular bag (Abbreviations & acronyms: CB)capsular defectcapsular fibrosiscapsular membranecapsular plaque (Abbreviations & acronyms: plaque)capsular rupturecapsular tearcapsular tension ring (Abbreviations & acronyms: CTR)capsule membranecapsule opening (Abbreviations & acronyms: opening)capsulorhexiscapsulorrhexiscarbonic anhydrase inhibitors carcinomacarotid arterycarotid artery dissection (Abbreviations & acronyms: CAD)carotid artery stenosiscarotid cavernous fistula (Abbreviations & acronyms: CCF)carotid stenosiscarotid-cavernous fistula (Abbreviations & acronyms: CCF)carunclecarunculacase case case report (Abbreviations & acronyms: case)case study (Abbreviations & acronyms: case)cataract (Abbreviations & acronyms: cat)cataract extractioncataract spectaclescataract surgerycataracta brunescenscataracta hypermaturacataracta incipiens cataracta maturacataracta nigracataracta rubracataracta stellatacauterisationcauterizationcauterizecavernomacavernous haemangiomacavernous hemangiomacavernous sinus (Abbreviations & acronyms: CS)cavernous sinus thrombosis (Abbreviations & acronyms: CST)cellcell densitycellophane maculopathycells (Abbreviations & acronyms: C)centeredcentralcentral areolar choroidal dystrophy (Abbreviations & acronyms: CACD)central cloudy dystrophy (Abbreviations & acronyms: CCD)central cloudy dystrophy of Francois (Abbreviations & acronyms: CCDF)central corneal clouding (Abbreviations & acronyms: CCC)central corneal thickness (Abbreviations & acronyms: CCT)central crystalline corneal dystrophycentral focal laser photocoagulationcentral focal photocoagulationcentral foveal thickness (Abbreviations & acronyms: CFT)central laser photocoagulationcentral photocoagulationcentral retinal artery (Abbreviations & acronyms: CRA)central retinal artery obstruction (Abbreviations & acronyms: CRAO)central retinal artery occlusion (Abbreviations & acronyms: CRAO)central retinal thickness (Abbreviations & acronyms: CRT)central retinal vein (Abbreviations & acronyms: CRV)central retinal vein obstruction (Abbreviations & acronyms: CRVO)central retinal vein occlusion (Abbreviations & acronyms: CRVO)central scotoma (Abbreviations & acronyms: CS)central serous chorioidopathy (Abbreviations & acronyms: CSC)central serous chorioretinopathy (Abbreviations & acronyms: CSC, CSCR)central serous choroidopathy (Abbreviations & acronyms: CSC)central serous retinopathy (Abbreviations & acronyms: CSR)central toxic keratopathy (Abbreviations & acronyms: CTK)central vestibular nystagmus (Abbreviations & acronyms: CVN)central visioncentral visual acuitycentrationcephalosporins cerebrospinal fluid (Abbreviations & acronyms: CSF)cerebrovascular accident (Abbreviations & acronyms: CVA)certificationcertification of incapability to workcertified nurse assistant (Abbreviations & acronyms: CNA)cerulean cataract chalazionchalazion clampchalazion curettechalazion spoonchamber angle (Abbreviations & acronyms: CA)Chandler´s syndrome (Abbreviations & acronyms: CS)changechange in refractionCHARGE syndromeCharles Bonnet syndrome (Abbreviations & acronyms: CBS)chart projectorcheckupchemical burn (Abbreviations & acronyms: burn)chemotic cherry-red spot (Abbreviations & acronyms: CRS)chiasmchief complaintchief physicianChlamydia infectionchloroquin maculopathychloroquin-induced maculopathycholinergic agentcholinergic agents cholinergic drugcholinergic drugs choriocapillaris (Abbreviations & acronyms: CC)chorioidal detachment (Abbreviations & acronyms: CD, ChD)chorioidal effusionchorioidal swellingchorioideremia chorioiditischorioidopathychorioretinal colobomachorioretinitischoroidchoroidal detachment (Abbreviations & acronyms: CD, ChD)choroidal effusionchoroidal foldchoroidal foldschoroidal melanoma (Abbreviations & acronyms: CM)choroidal naevus (Abbreviations & acronyms: CN)choroidal neovascular membrane (Abbreviations & acronyms: CNVM)choroidal neovascularisation (Abbreviations & acronyms: CNV)choroidal neovascularization (Abbreviations & acronyms: CNV)choroidal nevus (Abbreviations & acronyms: CN)choroidal rupturechoroidal swellingchoroideachoroideremia choroiditischoroidopathychristmas tree cataractchromatic adaptationchromosomechronicchronic lymphocytic thyroiditischronic paroxysmal hemicrania (Abbreviations & acronyms: CPH)cicatricecicatricial tissuecicatrisationcicatrizationciclosporin A (Abbreviations & acronyms: CSA)ciliary artery (Abbreviations & acronyms: CA)ciliary block glaucomciliary body (Abbreviations & acronyms: CB)ciliary body painciliary flushciliary ganglionciliary injectionciliary muscle (Abbreviations & acronyms: CM)ciliary neuralgiaciliary painciliary sulcusciliary zonuleciliochoroidal detachmentciliochoroidal effusioncilioretinal artery (Abbreviations & acronyms: crA, CRA)circinate exudatescircinate hard exudatescircinate retinopathycircle of Zinncircle of Zinn-Haller (Abbreviations & acronyms: CZH)circularcircumferencecircumferentialcircumscribedclampclassificationClaude-Bernard-Horner syndromeclear cornea incision (Abbreviations & acronyms: CCI)clear corneal incision (Abbreviations & acronyms: CCI)clear lensclear lens exchange (Abbreviations & acronyms: CLE)clear lens extraction (Abbreviations & acronyms: CLE)clear lensectomy (Abbreviations & acronyms: CLE)cleftclinicclinical entity (Abbreviations & acronyms: entity)clinical studyclinical trialclinically significant macular edema (Abbreviations & acronyms: CSME)clinically significant macular oedema (Abbreviations & acronyms: CSMO)Cloquet´s canal closed angle glaucoma (Abbreviations & acronyms: CAG)closed anterior chamber angle (Abbreviations & acronyms: closed ACA)closed chamber angleclosed globe injury (Abbreviations & acronyms: CGI)closed-angle glaucoma (Abbreviations & acronyms: CAG)cloudy corneaclumping of retinal pigmentcluster headache (Abbreviations & acronyms: CH)coarsecoarse corneal epithelial opacitiescoarse pigmentary alterations coarse pigmentary changes Coats´ disease (Abbreviations & acronyms: CD)cobblestone degenerationcoerulean cataract Cogan-Reese syndrome (Abbreviations & acronyms: CRS)Cogan´s microcystic dystrophyCogan´s syndrome type 2 (Abbreviations & acronyms: CS type 2, CS 2)Cogan´s syndrome type II (Abbreviations & acronyms: CS type II, CS II)colarettecolibri forcepscollagen crosslinking (Abbreviations & acronyms: CCL)collagen fibercollagen fibrilcollateral vesselcolleaguecollector channelcolobomacoloboma of the iriscolorcolor blindnesscolor desaturationcolor vision color vision deficiencycolourcolour blindnesscolour desaturationcolour vision colour vision deficiencycomacombination drug combination therapycommissurecommon carotid artery (Abbreviations & acronyms: CCA)common lacrimal canaliculus (Abbreviations & acronyms: CLC)common tendinous ringcommotio retinaecompensated (Abbreviations & acronyms: comp.)complaintcomplaints complement fixationcomplete lens displacementcomplete loss of neuroretinal rimcomplete optic atrophycompliancecomplicationcomplications compressive optic neuropathy (Abbreviations & acronyms: CON)computed axial tomography (Abbreviations & acronyms: CAT)computed tomography (Abbreviations & acronyms: CT)computer vision syndrome (Abbreviations & acronyms: CVS)computerized visual field testingconcaveconcave lensconcerningconcomitantconcomitant strabismusconditionconecone cellcone dystrophy (Abbreviations & acronyms: CD)cone rod dystrophy (Abbreviations & acronyms: CRD)configurationconfluenceconfluencyconfluentconfluent drusen confluent soft drusen confrontation visual field exam (Abbreviations & acronyms: confrontation exam)confrontation visual field test (Abbreviations & acronyms: confrontation test)congenitalcongenital cataract (Abbreviations & acronyms: CC)congenital diseasecongenital disordercongenital endothelial corneal dystrophy congenital endothelial dystrophy congenital facial diplegiacongenital glaucomacongenital hereditary endothelial corneal dystrophy congenital hereditary endothelial dystrophy (Abbreviations & acronyms: CHED)congenital nystagmus (Abbreviations & acronyms: CN)congenital ocular motor apraxia (Abbreviations & acronyms: COMA)congenital oculofacial paralysiscongenital oculomotor apraxia (Abbreviations & acronyms: COMA)congenital retraction syndromecongenital stationary night blindness (Abbreviations & acronyms: CSNB)congested (e.g. vessels)congested blood vesselscongested vesselsconjugate eye movements conjunctivaconjunctival chemosis (Abbreviations & acronyms: chemosis)conjunctival cystconjunctival follicleconjunctival follicles conjunctival fornixconjunctival hyperaemiaconjunctival hyperemiaconjunctival injection (Abbreviations & acronyms: CI)conjunctival melanomaconjunctival melanosisconjunctival naevusconjunctival nevusconjunctival papillaconjunctival papillae conjunctival sacconjunctival scrapeconjunctival smearconjunctival swabconjunctival tumorconjunctival xerosisconjunctivalisation of the cornea (Abbreviations & acronyms: conjunctivalisation)conjunctivalization of the cornea (Abbreviations & acronyms: conjunctivalization)conjunctivitisconjunctivochalasis (Abbreviations & acronyms: CCh)conoid of Sturmconsecutive strabismusconsent formconservativeconservative therapyconservative treatmentconstantconstrictconstrictedconstricted pupilconstricted visual field constrictionconsultantconsultation (Abbreviations & acronyms: consult)consultation hours contact diagnostic lenscontact laser lenscontact lens (Abbreviations & acronyms: CL, lens, contact)contact lens acute red eye (Abbreviations & acronyms: CLARE)contact lens care (Abbreviations & acronyms: lens care )contact lens care product (Abbreviations & acronyms: lens care product)contact lens casecontact lens containercontact lens fitcontact lens fitting (Abbreviations & acronyms: CL fitting)contact lens wearer (Abbreviations & acronyms: CL wearer)contact lenses (Abbreviations & acronyms: CL, lenses, contacts)continuing medical education (Abbreviations & acronyms: CME)continuous curvilinear capsulorhexis (Abbreviations & acronyms: CCC)continuous curvilinear capsulorrhexis (Abbreviations & acronyms: CCC)continuous-release (Abbreviations & acronyms: CR)continuous-release tabletcontourcontracturecontraindicationcontralateral eyecontrastcontrast sensitivity (Abbreviations & acronyms: CS)controlled cyclophotocoagulation (Abbreviations & acronyms: COCO)controlled-release (Abbreviations & acronyms: CR)controlled-release tabletcontusio bulbiconusconvergenceconvergence insufficiencyconvergence spasmconvergence tonusconvergent strabismusconverging lensconvexconvex lenscopper wire arteries copper wire arterycopper wiringcorkscrew vesselcorkscrew vessels corkscrew-like vesselcorkscrew-like vessels cornea (Abbreviations & acronyms: C)cornea donorcornea farinatacornea guttatacornea plana (Abbreviations & acronyms: CNA)cornea verticillatacorneal abrasioncorneal abrasioncorneal apexcorneal astigmatismcorneal causticationcorneal cicatrisationcorneal cicatrizationcorneal cloudingcorneal crosslinking (Abbreviations & acronyms: CCL)corneal curvaturecorneal curvature radii (Abbreviations & acronyms: corneal curvatures, CCR)corneal curvature radius (Abbreviations & acronyms: corneal curvature, CCR)corneal cylindercorneal debridementcorneal decompensationcorneal deepithelisationcorneal deepithelizationcorneal delle (Abbreviations & acronyms: delle)corneal dellen (Abbreviations & acronyms: dellen)corneal dellen (Abbreviations & acronyms: dellen)corneal diametercorneal dioptric power (Abbreviations & acronyms: corneal power)corneal donorcorneal drillcorneal dystrophycorneal dystrophy Avellino type (Abbreviations & acronyms: CDA)corneal dystrophy of Bowman layer type I (Abbreviations & acronyms: CDB I)corneal dystrophy of Bowman layer type II (Abbreviations & acronyms: CDB II)corneal dystrophy of Bowman membrane type I (Abbreviations & acronyms: CDB I)corneal dystrophy of Bowman membrane type II (Abbreviations & acronyms: CDB II)corneal dystrophy of Bowman type I (Abbreviations & acronyms: CDB I)corneal dystrophy of Bowman type II (Abbreviations & acronyms: CDB II)corneal dystrophy of Bowman´s layer type I (Abbreviations & acronyms: CDB I)corneal dystrophy of Bowman´s layer type II (Abbreviations & acronyms: CDB II)corneal dystrophy of Bowman´s membrane type I (Abbreviations & acronyms: CDB I)corneal dystrophy of Bowman´s membrane type II (Abbreviations & acronyms: CDB II)corneal dystrophy of Bowman´s type I (Abbreviations & acronyms: CDB I)corneal dystrophy of Bowman´s type II (Abbreviations & acronyms: CDB II)corneal eccentricity (Abbreviations & acronyms: eccentricity)corneal ectasia (Abbreviations & acronyms: ectasia)corneal edema (Abbreviations & acronyms: CE)corneal endothelial cell count (Abbreviations & acronyms: ECC)corneal endothelial decompensationcorneal endothelial microscope (Abbreviations & acronyms: endothelial microscope)corneal endothelial microscopycorneal endothelial specular microscopycorneal endotheliumcorneal endothelium microscope (Abbreviations & acronyms: endothelium microscope)corneal epithelial disturbancecorneal epitheliumcorneal epithelium removalcorneal erosion corneal foreign body (Abbreviations & acronyms: CFB)corneal guttacorneal guttae corneal hazecorneal hydrops (Abbreviations & acronyms: hydrops)corneal hysteresis (Abbreviations & acronyms: CH)corneal implantcorneal implants corneal infiltratecorneal K readings (Abbreviations & acronyms: K)corneal keratocytecorneal keratocytescorneal lattice dystrophy (Abbreviations & acronyms: CLD)corneal limbuscorneal macrofold (Abbreviations & acronyms: macrofold, corneal fold)corneal macrofolds (Abbreviations & acronyms: macrofolds, corneal folds)corneal macular dystrophy (Abbreviations & acronyms: CMD)corneal meltingcorneal microfold (Abbreviations & acronyms: microfold)corneal microfolds (Abbreviations & acronyms: microfolds)corneal neovascularisationcorneal neovascularizationcorneal oedema (Abbreviations & acronyms: CO)corneal opacification (Abbreviations & acronyms: CO)corneal opacity (Abbreviations & acronyms: CO)corneal optical power (Abbreviations & acronyms: corneal power)corneal pachymetrycorneal pannuscorneal patch graftcorneal puncture (Abbreviations & acronyms: puncture)corneal radii corneal radiuscorneal reflectioncorneal reflexcorneal reflexioncorneal refractive power (Abbreviations & acronyms: corneal power)corneal scarcorneal scarringcorneal siderosiscorneal stipplingcorneal stromal edema (Abbreviations & acronyms: stromal edema)corneal stromal oedema (Abbreviations & acronyms: stromal oedema)corneal surgerycorneal tattooingcorneal thickness (Abbreviations & acronyms: CT)corneal topograph (Abbreviations & acronyms: topograph)corneal topography (Abbreviations & acronyms: topography)corneal transplantcorneal transplantation (Abbreviations & acronyms: corneal Tx)corneal ulcercorneal vascularisation (Abbreviations & acronyms: CV)corneal vascularization (Abbreviations & acronyms: CV)corneal vertexcorneal warpagecorneal warpage syndromecorneal warpingcorneo-scleral lenscorneoscleral lenscorpora quadrigeminacorpus vitreum (Abbreviations & acronyms: cv)corrected corrected distance vision (Abbreviations & acronyms: CDV)corrected distance visual acuity (Abbreviations & acronyms: CDVA)corrected visual acuity (Abbreviations & acronyms: CVA)correctioncortical cataract (Abbreviations & acronyms: CC)cortical lens opacitiescortical lens opacitycortical opacitiescortical opacitycortical spoke (cataract)cortical spoke cataractcortical spokes (cataract)cortical wedge (cataract)cortical wedge cataractcortical wedges (cataract)corticosteroids (Abbreviations & acronyms: corticoids, steroids)cotton budcotton swabcotton tip applicator (Abbreviations & acronyms: CTA)cotton tipped applicator (Abbreviations & acronyms: CTA)cotton wool spot (Abbreviations & acronyms: CWS)cotton wool spots (Abbreviations & acronyms: CWS)counting fingers (Abbreviations & acronyms: CF)cover test (Abbreviations & acronyms: CT)cranial nerve (Abbreviations & acronyms: CN)cranial nerve 2 (Abbreviations & acronyms: ON, CN II, CN2, II)cranial nerve 3 (Abbreviations & acronyms: oculomotor, CN III, CN3, III)cranial nerve 4 (Abbreviations & acronyms: CN IV, CN4, IV)cranial nerve 5 (Abbreviations & acronyms: CN V, CN5, V)cranial nerve 6 (Abbreviations & acronyms: abducens, CN VI, CN6, VI)cranial nerve 7 (Abbreviations & acronyms: CN VII, CN7, VII)cranial nerve II (Abbreviations & acronyms: ON, CN II, CN2, II)cranial nerve III (Abbreviations & acronyms: oculomotor, CN III, CN3, III)cranial nerve IV (Abbreviations & acronyms: CN IV, CN4, IV)cranial nerve V (Abbreviations & acronyms: CN V, CN5, V)cranial nerve VI (Abbreviations & acronyms: abducens, CN VI, CN6, VI)cranial nerve VII (Abbreviations & acronyms: CN VII, CN7, VII)craniopharyngioma creasecrest of encircling explantcrocodile shagreencross cylinder (Abbreviations & acronyms: CC)crossed eyescrosslinking (Abbreviations & acronyms: CXL)crustingcrusty eyecrusty eyelashes crusty eyes (pl.)cryocoagulationcryoepilation cryopexy (Abbreviations & acronyms: CP)cryotherapycrystalline keratopathycrystalline lenscum correctione (Abbreviations & acronyms: cc, c.c.)cup to disc ratio (Abbreviations & acronyms: CDR, C/D ratio)cup-to-disc ratio (Abbreviations & acronyms: CDR, C/D ratio)cup-to-disc-ratio (Abbreviations & acronyms: CDR, C/D ratio)cup/disc-ratio (Abbreviations & acronyms: CDR, C/D ratio)cutaneous cuticular drusen (Abbreviations & acronyms: CD)cyclocryocoagulation (Abbreviations & acronyms: CCC)cyclodestructioncyclodialysis cyclophotoablation (Abbreviations & acronyms: CPA)cyclophotocoagulation (Abbreviations & acronyms: CPC)cyclopledgecycloplegecycloplegiacycloplegiccycloplegic drops cycloplegic drugs cycloplegic refractioncycloplegics cyclorotationcyclosporin A (Abbreviations & acronyms: CSA)cyclosporine A (Abbreviations & acronyms: CSA)cyclotorsioncyclotropiacylinder (Abbreviations & acronyms: cyl, cyl.)cylinder axis (Abbreviations & acronyms: axis)cystoid macular edema (Abbreviations & acronyms: CME)cystoid macular oedema (Abbreviations & acronyms: CMO)cytokinecytomegalovirus (Abbreviations & acronyms: CMV)cytomegalovirus retinitis (Abbreviations & acronyms: CMV retinitis)cytomegalovirus retinopathy (Abbreviations & acronyms: CMV retinopathy )


D-panthenol dacryoadenitisdacryocystitisdacryocystorhinostomy (Abbreviations & acronyms: DCR)dacryoscintigraphy (Abbreviations & acronyms: DS)dacryostenosisdaily (Abbreviations & acronyms: QD, qd, q.d.)daltonismdaltonism damagedark adaptationdark adapteddark-adapteddarkenedday blindnessdebrisdecentereddecentrationdecimal visual acuity declinedecline in visual acuity decompensated (Abbreviations & acronyms: decomp.)decompensationdecrease in intraocular pressure (Abbreviations & acronyms: decrease in IOP)decreased visiondecreased visual acuitydeepdeep anterior lamellar keratoplasty (Abbreviations & acronyms: DALK)deep cell imagingdeep cupdeep lamellar keratoplasty (Abbreviations & acronyms: DLKP)deep optic cupdeep optic disc cupdeep optic disk cupdeep sclerectomy defectdefect of the retinal pigment epithelium (Abbreviations & acronyms: defect of the RPE)deficiencydeficitdeformationdegeneration of the vitreousdegeneration of the vitreous bodydegenerativedegenerative myopiadegenerative retinoschisisdegree dehiscencedehiscence of Descemet´s membranedemarcationdemarcation linedemarcation line (retinal detachment)dementia-nuchal dystoniadendritic keratitisdendritic ulcerdensitometrydentate processdepending on findingsdepositdepressiondepression in adduction syndromedepressordepth of field (Abbreviations & acronyms: DOF)depth perceptiondepth vision dermatochalasisdermatologistdermatologydermoiddermoid cyst (Abbreviations & acronyms: DC)desaturation of colordesaturation of colorsdesaturation of colourdesaturation of coloursDescemet membrane endothelial keratoplasty (Abbreviations & acronyms: DMEK)Descemet membrane endothelial transfer (Abbreviations & acronyms: DMET)Descemet stripping automated endothelial keratoplasty (Abbreviations & acronyms: DSAEK, DSEK)descemetoceleDescemet´s dehiscenceDescemet´s detachmentDescemet´s foldDescemet´s folds (Abbreviations & acronyms: DF)Descemet´s membrane (Abbreviations & acronyms: DM)Descemet´s membrane dehiscenceDescemet´s membrane detachmentdescentdestruction of the vitreous destruction of the vitreous body detached maculadetachment of Descemet´s membranedetachment of the neurosensory retinadeteriorationdeturgescence deuteranomalydeuteranopiadevelopement of an amblyopiadevelopment of synechiaedeviationdeviationdeviation angleDevic's diseaseDevic's syndromedexpanthenol dexpanthenolumdiabetes mellitus (Abbreviations & acronyms: diabetes, DM)diabetic eye disease (Abbreviations & acronyms: DED)diabetic macular edema (Abbreviations & acronyms: DME)diabetic macular ischaemia (Abbreviations & acronyms: DMI)diabetic macular ischemia (Abbreviations & acronyms: DMI)diabetic macular oedema (Abbreviations & acronyms: DMO)diabetic maculopathy (Abbreviations & acronyms: DMP, DM)diabetic retinopathy (Abbreviations & acronyms: DR, DRP)diabetologistdiabetologydiagnoses (Abbreviations & acronyms: Dx)diagnosis (Abbreviations & acronyms: Dx)diagnosisdiagnosis of exclusiondiagnostic findings diagnostic imagingdiagnostic opiniondiagnostic procedurediagnostic testdiagnostic testingdiagnostic tests diagnostics dialysisdiameter (Abbreviations & acronyms: DIA)diastolic blood pressure (Abbreviations & acronyms: DBP, BPd)dictionary of ophthalmologydifferential diagnosis (Abbreviations & acronyms: diff Dx, ddx, DDx, DD, differential)diffractive IOLdiffuse diabetic macular edema (Abbreviations & acronyms: DDME)diffuse illuminationdiffuse interface keratitisdiffuse lamellar keratitis (Abbreviations & acronyms: DLK)diffuse macular edemadiffuse retinal nerve fiber layer defect (Abbreviations & acronyms: diffuse RNFL defect, diffuse RNFLD)diffuse unilateral subacute neuroretinitis (Abbreviations & acronyms: DUSN)digital palpation tonometrydigital tonometrydilate dilateddilated blood vessels dilated eye examdilated eye examinationdilated fundus exam (Abbreviations & acronyms: DFE)dilated fundus examination (Abbreviations & acronyms: DFE)dilated pupildilated vessels dilatordimdimmeddimple veiling diopter (Abbreviations & acronyms: dpt, D, dptr)diopters (Abbreviations & acronyms: dpt, D, dptr)dioptric powerdiplopiadirect illuminationdirect ophthalmoscopydirect pupil reactiondirect pupillary reactiondisability to workdisable to workdisc cup Disc Damage Likelihood Scale (Abbreviations & acronyms: DDLS)disc diameter (Abbreviations & acronyms: DD)disc elevationdisc margindisc margin haemorrhagedisc margin hemorrhagedischarge discharge dischargedischargedisciform keratitisdisciform macular degenerationdisciform macular scardisciform scardiscomfortdiseasedisease of the optic nervedislocated lensdisorderdisplacement of the lensdisplaydisposable medical equipmentdisposable medical glovedisposable medical gloves disposable medical instrumentdisposable surgical equipmentdisposable surgical instrumentdissociated nystagmus (Abbreviations & acronyms: DN)dissociated vertical deviation (Abbreviations & acronyms: DVD)dissociated vertical divergence (Abbreviations & acronyms: DVD)dissociated vertical divergent strabismusdistancedistance glassesdistance vision (Abbreviations & acronyms: DV, D.V.)distance vision chartdistance vision correctiondistance visual acuity (Abbreviations & acronyms: DVA)distance visual acuity chartdistichia distichiae distichiasis distorteddistorted pupildistorted vision divergencedivergent strabismusdiverging lensdizzinessDNA gyrase inhibitors doctor on dutydoctor´s officedoctor´s surgerydoll´s eye maneuverdoll´s eye reflex doll´s eye signdoll´s eyes doll´s head maneuverdoll´s head reflex doll´s head signdolordominancedominance of the left eyedominance of the right eyedominant eye donordonor corneadonor tissueDoppler sonographyDoppler ultrasounddorsal midbrain syndromedot haemorrhage (Abbreviations & acronyms: DH)dot haemorrhages (Abbreviations & acronyms: DH)dot hemorrhage (Abbreviations & acronyms: DH)dot hemorrhages (pl.) (Abbreviations & acronyms: DH)dot-blot haemorrhages (Abbreviations & acronyms: DBH)dot-blot hemorrhages (pl.) (Abbreviations & acronyms: DBH)double continuous suturedouble running suturedouble vision (Abbreviations & acronyms: DV)down-shoot in adduction syndromedownbeat nystagmus (Abbreviations & acronyms: DN)downgazedownshoot in adduction syndromeDoyne honeycomb retinal dystrophy (Abbreviations & acronyms: DHRD)Doyne's honeycomb retinal dystrophy (Abbreviations & acronyms: DHRD)drainagedrance hemorrhagedrepanocytosisdressing forcepsdroopy eyeliddroopy liddropdropdropletdropped lensdropped lens fragmentdropped lens materialdropped lens nucleusdropped nucleusdropperdrugdrupletdrupletsdrusen drusen maculopathydry age-related macular degeneration (Abbreviations & acronyms: dry ARMD, dry AMD, dARMD, dAMD)dry eye dry eye disease (Abbreviations & acronyms: DED)dry eye syndrome (Abbreviations & acronyms: DES)Dry Eye Workshop (Abbreviations & acronyms: DEWS)dry eyes Dua's layerdual optic intraocular lens (Abbreviations & acronyms: dual optic IOL)Duane´s retraction syndrome (Abbreviations & acronyms: DR Syndrome)Duane´s syndrome (Abbreviations & acronyms: DS)duplex sonographyduplex ultrasounddutydyedynamic contour tonometry (Abbreviations & acronyms: DCT)dynamic visual acuity (Abbreviations & acronyms: DVA)dyschromatopsiadyscoriadyslexiadysphotopsiadysthyroid orbitopathy (Abbreviations & acronyms: DO)dystoniadystrophicdystrophydystrophy of Bowman layer type Idystrophy of Bowman layer type IIdystrophy of Bowman membrane type Idystrophy of Bowman membrane type IIdystrophy of Bowman type Idystrophy of Bowman type IIdystrophy of Bowman´s layer type Idystrophy of Bowman´s layer type IIdystrophy of Bowman´s membrane type Idystrophy of Bowman´s membrane type IIdystrophy of Bowman´s type Idystrophy of Bowman´s type II


E eye chart (Abbreviations & acronyms: E chart)Eales´ disease (Abbreviations & acronyms: ED)ear, nose and throat (Abbreviations & acronyms: ENT)early age-related macular degeneration (Abbreviations & acronyms: early AMD, early ARMD)early detectionearly treatment diabetic retinopathy study (Abbreviations & acronyms: ETDRS)earpieceearpieces echographyectaticectopia lentisectropionectropion uveaeedema edema of the optic discedema of the optic diskedge of lenseffectelectroepilation electrolyte electrolytes electrooculogram (Abbreviations & acronyms: EOG)electrooculography (Abbreviations & acronyms: EOG)electrophysiology (Abbreviations & acronyms: EP)electroretinogram (Abbreviations & acronyms: ERG)electroretinography (Abbreviations & acronyms: ERG)elevatedelevatedelevated blood pressureelevated intraocular pressure (Abbreviations & acronyms: elevated IOP)elevated optic discelevated optic diskelevating muscle of upper eyelidelevationellipsoid bandellipsoid zone (Abbreviations & acronyms: EZ)Elschnig pearlElschnig pearls Elschnig ringElschnig spotElschnig spots Elschnig´s pearlElschnig´s pearls Elschnig´s ringElschnig´s scleral ringElschnig´s spotElschnig´s spots embryologyembryotoxonemmetropiaemmetropicempty appearanceencephalomyelitis disseminata (Abbreviations & acronyms: ED)encircling band encircling explant encircling scleral buckle (Abbreviations & acronyms: encircling buckle)endocrine ophthalmopathy (Abbreviations & acronyms: EO)endocrine orbitopathy (Abbreviations & acronyms: EO)endocrinologistendocrinologyendodiathermyendogenousendolaserendolaser treatmentendophotocoagulationendophthalmitis (Abbreviations & acronyms: EO)endotamponadeendothelial cellendothelial cell count (Abbreviations & acronyms: ECC)endothelial cell counting (Abbreviations & acronyms: ECC)endothelial cell density (Abbreviations & acronyms: ECD)endothelial keratoplasty (Abbreviations & acronyms: EK)endothelial microscopyendothelial precipitates endotheliumengorged (e.g. vessels)engorged veinsenhancement (e.g. Lasik)enlarged arterial reflexes enlargemententoptic phenomenonentropionenucleationepibulbar dermoidepicanthus epicanthus foldepidemic keratoconjunctivitis (Abbreviations & acronyms: EKC)epikeratophakiaepilation epilation of eyelashesepilepsyepileptic seizure (Abbreviations & acronyms: seizure)epimacular brachytherapyepimacular membrane (Abbreviations & acronyms: EM)epimacular strontium treatmentepimacular strontium-90 brachytherapyepinucleusepiphoraepiretinalepiretinal brachytherapyepiretinal membrane (Abbreviations & acronyms: ERM, EM)epiretinal strontium treatmentepiretinal strontium-90 brachytherapyepisclera episcleral layerepiscleritisepithelial basement membrane dystrophy (Abbreviations & acronyms: EBMD)epithelial cellepithelial closure lineepithelial defectepithelial hyperplasiaepithelial in situ keratomileusis (Abbreviations & acronyms: EPILASIK, Epi-LASIK)epithelial inclusionepithelial ingrowthepitheliumepithelium removalequator equatorial degenerations erythemaerythrocyteerythrocyte sedimentation rate (Abbreviations & acronyms: ESR)erythropsiaesophoriaesotropiaessential iris atrophyETDRS acuityETDRS acuity chartETDRS visual acuityETDRS visual acuity chartétendue etendue ethmoid boneetiologyEuropean Society of Ophthalmology (Abbreviations & acronyms: SOE)evaluationevaporationevaporative dry eyeevaporative keratoconjunctivitis sicca (Abbreviations & acronyms: evaporative KCS)eversion of the eyelid (Abbreviations & acronyms: eversion)everting the eyelidevery bedtimeevery four hours (Abbreviations & acronyms: q.4h, q4h)every hour (Abbreviations & acronyms: q.h., qh)every one to two hours (Abbreviations & acronyms: q.1-2h, q1-2h)every two hours (Abbreviations & acronyms: q.2h, q2h)evidenceevidence-based medicine (Abbreviations & acronyms: EBM)evisceration examexaminationexaminationexamination resultexamination results examination under anaesthesia (Abbreviations & acronyms: EUA)examination under anaesthesia (Abbreviations & acronyms: EUA)examination under anesthesia (Abbreviations & acronyms: EUA)examination under anesthesia (Abbreviations & acronyms: EUA)examineexcavationexcimer laser subepithelial ablation (Abbreviations & acronyms: ELSA)excimerlaser (Abbreviations & acronyms: excimer)excisionexclusionexclusion criteriaexclusion criterionexempli gratia (Abbreviations & acronyms: e.g.)exenteration exogenousexophoriaexophthalmia exophthalmometryexophthalmosexophthalmusexotropiaexpertexplantexplantationexpulsive haemorrhage expulsive hemorrhage exstirpateextended-release (Abbreviations & acronyms: ER)extended-release tabletextensionexternal carotid artery (Abbreviations & acronyms: ECA)external hordeolumexternal layer breakexternal layer holeexternal limiting membrane (Abbreviations & acronyms: ELM)extracapsularextracapsular cataract extraction (Abbreviations & acronyms: ECCE)extracapsular lens extraction (Abbreviations & acronyms: ECCE)extractionextraocular muscle (Abbreviations & acronyms: EOM)extraocular muscle palsyextraocular muscles (Abbreviations & acronyms: EOM)extrastriate area (Abbreviations & acronyms: V2-V5)extrastriate visual cortical areas (Abbreviations & acronyms: V2-V5)extrusion exudationexudative age-related macular degeneration (Abbreviations & acronyms: eAMD, eARMD, exudative AMD, exudative ARMD)exudative retinal detachment (Abbreviations & acronyms: ERD)eyeeye alignment (Abbreviations & acronyms: alignment)eye bandageeye boogerseye burning sensation (Abbreviations & acronyms: burning)eye charteye cliniceye coloreye coloureye diseaseeye diseaseseye drainageeye drop (Abbreviations & acronyms: drop)eye drop anaesthesiaeye drop anesthesiaeye drop therapy eye drop treatmenteye dropper bottleeye drops (Abbreviations & acronyms: ED, drops )eye drynesseye exameye examinationeye exercises eye floatereye floaters eye gel (Abbreviations & acronyms: gel)eye gunkeye hospitaleye infirmaryeye injuryeye motilityeye movementeye movements eye muscle (Abbreviations & acronyms: EM)eye ointment (Abbreviations & acronyms: EO, ointment)eye paineye patch (Abbreviations & acronyms: patch)eye position (Abbreviations & acronyms: position )eye prosthesiseye redness (Abbreviations & acronyms: redness)eye rubbingeye shieldeye socketeye specialisteye speculumeye straineye stuck togethereye surgeryeye surgeryeye testeye ticeye trackereye trackingeye traumaeyeballeyebroweyeburneyedrop (Abbreviations & acronyms: drop)eyedrops (Abbreviations & acronyms: ED, drops)eyeglass fittingeyeglass lens (Abbreviations & acronyms: lens)eyeglass lenses (Abbreviations & acronyms: lenses)eyeglass prescription (Abbreviations & acronyms: eye prescription, prescription for glasses)eyeglasseseyelasheyelash epilation eyelashes eyelideyelid angleeyelid border eyelid careeyelid glandeyelid glands eyelid hygiene (Abbreviations & acronyms: lid hygiene)eyelid lageyelid margineyelid margin hygiene (Abbreviations & acronyms: lid margin hygiene)eyelid openingeyelid retraction (Abbreviations & acronyms: retraction)eyelid surgeryeyelid ticeyelid tumoreyelid twitcheyelids stuck together eyepatch (Abbreviations & acronyms: patch)eyepieceeyes stuck together eyesighteyesight reporteyesight report for driver licensing purposeseyesight testeyesight test for driver licensing purposeseyestrain


face painfacial nerve (Abbreviations & acronyms: CN VII, CN7, VII)facial nerve painfacial nerve palsy (Abbreviations & acronyms: FNP, facial palsy)facial nerve paralysis (Abbreviations & acronyms: FNP, facial paralysis)facial nerve paresis (Abbreviations & acronyms: FNP, facial paresis)facial neuralgiafacial painfacial painFaden operation faden operation familial exudative vitreoretinopathy (Abbreviations & acronyms: FEVR)familiy memberfar-sightedfar-sightednessfarsightedfarsightednessfascia bulbiFeder´s sub-epithelial mucinous corneal dystrophyFeder´s subepithelial mucinous corneal dystrophyfeeder vesselfellow eyeFellow of the European Board of Ophthalmology (Abbreviations & acronyms: FEBO)fellowship femtosecond laser (Abbreviations & acronyms: femto, FS laser)femtosecond lenticule extraction (Abbreviations & acronyms: FLEx)fibrinfibrin reactionfibrosisfibrotic capsular opacificationfibrotic capsule opacificationfibrous macular scar (Abbreviations & acronyms: fibrous scar)fibrovascular membranefibrovascular proliferation (Abbreviations & acronyms: FVP)Fick phenomenon Fick's phenomenon field of view (Abbreviations & acronyms: FOV)field of vision (Abbreviations & acronyms: FOV)filamentary keratitisfilm on the eyefilm on the eyesfilm over the eyefilm over the eyesfiltering blebfiltrationfindings fine needle aspiration biopsy (Abbreviations & acronyms: FNAB)fine needle biopsy (Abbreviations & acronyms: FNB)fine-needle aspiration biopsy (Abbreviations & acronyms: FNAB)fine-needle biopsy (Abbreviations & acronyms: FNB)finger perimetryfishmouth retinal breakfishmouth tearfissurefistulafit fitting of eyeglassesfitting of glassesfixationfixationfixation preferencefixational eye movement (Abbreviations & acronyms: FEM)fixational eye movement (Abbreviations & acronyms: FEM)fixed dilated pupilfixed-dose combination (Abbreviations & acronyms: FDC)flame shaped haemorrhage (Abbreviations & acronyms: FSH)flame shaped haemorrhages (Abbreviations & acronyms: FSH)flame shaped hemorrhage (Abbreviations & acronyms: FSH)flame shaped hemorrhages (Abbreviations & acronyms: FSH)flame-shaped haemorrhage (Abbreviations & acronyms: FSH)flame-shaped haemorrhages (Abbreviations & acronyms: FSH)flame-shaped hemorrhage (Abbreviations & acronyms: FSH)flame-shaped hemorrhages (Abbreviations & acronyms: FSH)flapflap edgeflap foldflap foldsflap stria flap striae flap tearflap wrinkle flap wrinkles flare (Abbreviations & acronyms: F)flash flash keratoconjunctivitisflashes flatfleck corneal dystrophyFleischer ringFlieringa fixation ring Flieringa ring floaterfloaters floppy eyelidfloppy eyelid syndrome (Abbreviations & acronyms: FES)floppy iris syndrome (Abbreviations & acronyms: FIS)flow of aqueous humorflow of aqueous humourflow ratefluctuation of intraocular pressure (Abbreviations & acronyms: IOP fluctuation)fluoresceinfluorescein angiography (Abbreviations & acronyms: FAG, angiography)fluorescein stainingfluorescein-negativefluorescein-positivefluorescencefluorescence angiography (Abbreviations & acronyms: FAG, angiography)fluoroquinolones flying spot laser flying-spot laser foamy tear filmfocal hyperpigmentation (Abbreviations & acronyms: hyperpigmentation, FH)focal laser photocoagulationfocal macular edema (Abbreviations & acronyms: FME)focal macular oedemafocal photocoagulationfocimeterfocusFoerster-Fuchs´retinal spotfoldfoldable intraocular lens (Abbreviations & acronyms: foldable IOL)folliclefollicles follicular conjunctivitisfollow up checkupfollow up examinationfollow up examinationfollow up visitfollow-up checkupfollow-up checkupfollow-up examinationfollow-up examinationfollow-up visitfollow-up visitfor exampleforamen opticumforcepsforeign body (Abbreviations & acronyms: FB)foreign body eye sensationforeign body sensation (Abbreviations & acronyms: FBS)foreign body spudforeign sensationformationforme fruste keratoconus (Abbreviations & acronyms: FFKC)fornixforopterFörster-Fuchs retinal spot Forster-Fuchs retinal spot Forster-Fuchs´ retinal spot Förster-Fuchs´ retinal spot four times a day (Abbreviations & acronyms: QID, qid, q.i.d., q.6h, q6h)fourth cranial nerve palsyfourth nerve palsyfoveafovea centralisfoveal areafoveal avascular zone (Abbreviations & acronyms: FAZ)foveal depressionfoveal light reflex (Abbreviations & acronyms: FLR)foveal pitfoveal reflexfoveal regionfoveal umbofoveal visionfoveolafoveolarfoveolar light reflex (Abbreviations & acronyms: FLR)foveolar reflexframe François-Neetens fleck corneal dystrophyfrecklefrecklesfrequency doubling perimerty (Abbreviations & acronyms: FDP, FDT)front deskfrontal bonefrothy tear filmFuchs heterochromic iridocyclitis (Abbreviations & acronyms: FHI)Fuchs spotFuchs uveitis syndromeFuchs´ corneal endothelial dystrophyFuchs´ dystrophy (Abbreviations & acronyms: FD)Fuchs´ endothelial dystrophy (Abbreviations & acronyms: FED)Fuchs´ heterochromic iridocyclitis (Abbreviations & acronyms: FHI)Fuchs´ uveitis syndromefull-thickness macular hole (Abbreviations & acronyms: FTMH)functional diagnostics functional lossfundamental researchfundoscopyfundus (Abbreviations & acronyms: FD, fd)fundus albipunctatusfundus autofluorescence (Abbreviations & acronyms: FAF)fundus examinationfundus flavimaculatus (Abbreviations & acronyms: FFM)fundus fluorescein angiography (Abbreviations & acronyms: FFA)fundus photographfundus photographyfunduscopicfunduscopyfurrow degenerationfurther assessmentfurther medical evaluationfurther work-upfusion


gainganglion cellganglion cell layer (Abbreviations & acronyms: GCL)ganglion cells ganglionic layergapinggasgas bubble (Abbreviations & acronyms: bubble)gas injection gas tamponadegazegaze movements gaze nystagmus (Abbreviations & acronyms: GN)gaze palsy (Abbreviations & acronyms: GP)gaze paresis (Abbreviations & acronyms: GP)gaze-evoked nystagmus (Abbreviations & acronyms: GEN)gelatinous drop-like corneal dystrophy (Abbreviations & acronyms: GDCD)gelatinous drop-like dystrophy (Abbreviations & acronyms: GDD)general anaesthesia (Abbreviations & acronyms: GA)general anesthesia (Abbreviations & acronyms: GA)general internal medicinegeneral medicinegeneral practitioner (Abbreviations & acronyms: GP)geniculo-calcarine tractgeographic atrophy (Abbreviations & acronyms: GA)geographic helicoid peripapillary chorioidopathy (Abbreviations & acronyms: GHPC)geographic helicoid peripapillary choroidopathy (Abbreviations & acronyms: GHPC)germgerontoxonghost imageghost vesselgiant cell arteritis (Abbreviations & acronyms: GCA)giant papillary conjunctivitis (Abbreviations & acronyms: GPC)giant retinal tear (Abbreviations & acronyms: GRT)giant tear (Abbreviations & acronyms: GT)glandgland of Mollgland of Zeisglands of Moll glands of Zeis glareglare sensitivityglass eye glassesglaucomaglaucoma attackglaucoma chronicum simplexglaucoma drainage device (Abbreviations & acronyms: GDD)glaucoma filtration surgeryglaucoma surgeryglaucomatocyclitic crisisglaucomatous optic disc (Abbreviations & acronyms: glaucomatous OD)glaucomatous optic disk (Abbreviations & acronyms: glaucomatous OD)glaucomatous optic nerve head (Abbreviations & acronyms: glaucomatous ONH)glaucopsiaglaucosis glaukomfleckenglia cellglial cellglisteningglobeglobe contusionglobe injury (Abbreviations & acronyms: GI)glucocorticoid (Abbreviations & acronyms: GC)glucocorticoids (Abbreviations & acronyms: GC)glycated haemoglobinglycated hemoglobinglycopeptide-antibiotics (Abbreviations & acronyms: glycopeptides )glycosylated haemoglobinglycosylated hemoglobingoblet cell (Abbreviations & acronyms: GC)goblet cells (Abbreviations & acronyms: GC)Goldenhar syndrome (Abbreviations & acronyms: GS)Goldenhar´s syndrome (Abbreviations & acronyms: GS)Goldmann applanation tonometerGoldmann applanation tonometry (Abbreviations & acronyms: GAT)Goldmann three mirror contact lensGoldmann tonometerGoldmann tonometrygoniolensgonioprismgonioscopegonioscopygrade gradinggraduated lensGraefe´s signgraft failuregraft-versus-host disease (Abbreviations & acronyms: GVHD)graftinggranular corneal dystrophy (Abbreviations & acronyms: GCD)granular dystrophy type I (Abbreviations & acronyms: GD I)granular dystrophy type II (Abbreviations & acronyms: GD II)granular dystrophy type III (Abbreviations & acronyms: GD III)granulomaGraves diseaseGraves ophthalmopathy (Abbreviations & acronyms: GO)Graves orbitopathy (Abbreviations & acronyms: GO)Graves' ophthalmopathy (Abbreviations & acronyms: GO)Graves' orbitopathy (Abbreviations & acronyms: GO)graviditygrey linegrid laser coagulationgrid laser photocoagulation (Abbreviations & acronyms: grid PC)grid laser treatmentgrid photocoagulationgrid photocoagulation (Abbreviations & acronyms: grid PC)grittiness of the eyesgritty eyesGroenouw dystrophyGrönblad–Strandberg syndromegrowthguarded prognosisGunn signGunn´s signgyrase inhibitors gyrate atrophy


Haab´s striaHaab´s striaehaemangiomahaematichaematocrit (Abbreviations & acronyms: Hct)haematomahaemoglobinosis Shaemorrhagehaemorrhagic hair folliclehalf-lifeHallermann–Streiff syndromeHallermann–Streiff–François syndromeHallgren syndromeHallgren´s syndromehalohalos halos around lights hammered silverhand motion (Abbreviations & acronyms: HM)Harada diseaseHarada syndromehard contact lenshard contact lenses hard drusen hard exudates (Abbreviations & acronyms: HE)harmonious anomalous retinal correspondence (Abbreviations & acronyms: HARC)Harms tangent screen Hashimoto's thyroiditishaze haze (corneal opacity)haziness of visionhazy visionHbA1c (Abbreviations & acronyms: A1c)head physicianhead tilthead-shaking nystagmus (Abbreviations & acronyms: HSN)headacheheadband ophthalmoscopehealth insurancehealth recordhealthy (e.g. healthy (colored) optic disc)healthy rim (optic disc)healthy rim (optic disk)Hellenic Ophthalmological Societyhemangiomahematichematocrit (Abbreviations & acronyms: Hct)hematomahemeralopiahemi-central retinal artery occlusion hemi-central retinal vein obstruction (Abbreviations & acronyms: HRVO, HCRVO)hemi-central retinal vein occlusion (Abbreviations & acronyms: HRVO, HCRVO)hemianopia (Abbreviations & acronyms: HA)hemianopsia (Abbreviations & acronyms: HA)hemicrania continua (Abbreviations & acronyms: HC)hemoglobinosis Shemorrhagehemorrhagic Henle´s fiber layerHenle´s layerhereditaryHering's lawherpes keratitis (Abbreviations & acronyms: HK)herpes simplex virus (Abbreviations & acronyms: ХСВ)herpes zoster (Abbreviations & acronyms: zoster)herpetic keratitis (Abbreviations & acronyms: HK)Hess screenheterochromiaheterochromia iridisheteronymousheteronymous hemianopiaheteronymous hemianopsiaheterophoriaheterotropiahexafluoroethane (Abbreviations & acronyms: C2F6)high altitude retinopathy (Abbreviations & acronyms: HAR)high blood pressure (Abbreviations & acronyms: HBP)high myopiahigh-altitude retinopathy (Abbreviations & acronyms: HAR)higher order aberration (Abbreviations & acronyms: HOA)higher order aberrations (Abbreviations & acronyms: HOA, HOAs)higher-order aberration (Abbreviations & acronyms: HOA)higher-order aberrations (Abbreviations & acronyms: HOA, HOAs)hingeHirschberg testHirschberg's corneal reflectionsHirschberg's testhistamine antagonistHLA-A29 uveitisHLA-A29-associated uveitishoarsenesshomeopathyhomoeopathyhomonymoushomonymous hemianopia (Abbreviations & acronyms: HH)homonymous hemianopsia (Abbreviations & acronyms: HH)honeycomb dystrophyhordeolahordeolumhorizontal saccadesHorner syndromeHorner-Trantas dotHorner-Trantas dotsHorner-Trantas spotHorner-Trantas spotsHorner´s syndromehoropterhorseshoe tearhorseshoe-shaped tearHorton´s arteritis (Abbreviations & acronyms: HA)Horton´s disease (Abbreviations & acronyms: HD)hospitalhospital admissionhospitalisationhospitalizationhosthost corneahost tissueHow are Your eyes feeling?How are Your eyes?How is Your eye feeling?How is Your eye?Hudson–Stahli lineHudson–Stähli linehuehumorhumour hyaloid canal hyaloid fossahyaloid membranehyaluronan (Abbreviations & acronyms: HA)hyaluronate (Abbreviations & acronyms: HA)hyaluronic acid (Abbreviations & acronyms: HA)hydrocephalushydrophthalmoshydrophthalmushyperaemia hyperaemia of the irishyperaemia of the optic dischyperaemia of the optic diskhyperaemichyperaemic iris vesselshyperemia hyperemia of the irishyperemia of the optic dischyperemia of the optic diskhyperemichyperemic iris vesselshyperevaporative dry eyehyperevaporative keratoconjunctivitis sicca (Abbreviations & acronyms: hyperevaporative KCS)hyperfunctionhypermature senile cataract (Abbreviations & acronyms: HMSC)hypermetropiahypermetropichyperopiahyperopichyperosmolarityhyperphoriahyperplasiahyperplasia of the epitheliumhyperplasia of the retinal pigment epithelium (Abbreviations & acronyms: RPE hyperplasia, hyperplasia of the RPE)hypertension (Abbreviations & acronyms: HTN)hypertensive retinopathy (Abbreviations & acronyms: HR)hypertonichypertropiahyphaemahyphemahypodermic needlehypophoriahypoplasiahypopyonhyposphagmahypotonichypotropiahypovolemic dry eye


iatrogeniciatrogenic keratectasiaidiopathicidiopathic intracranial hypertension (Abbreviations & acronyms: IIH)idiopathic juxtafoveal retinal teleangiectasia (Abbreviations & acronyms: IJRT)idiopathic juxtafoveal retinal teleangiectasis (Abbreviations & acronyms: IJRT)idiopathic juxtafoveal teleangiectasia (Abbreviations & acronyms: IPT)idiopathic juxtafoveal teleangiectasis (Abbreviations & acronyms: IJT)idiopathic orbital inflammation (Abbreviations & acronyms: IOI)idiopathic orbital inflammatory disease (Abbreviations & acronyms: IOID)idiopathic orbital inflammatory syndrome (Abbreviations & acronyms: IOIS)idiopathic parafoveal teleangiectasia (Abbreviations & acronyms: IPT)idiopathic parafoveal teleangiectasis (Abbreviations & acronyms: IPT)idiopathic perifoveal teleangiectasia (Abbreviations & acronyms: IPT)idiopathic perifoveal teleangiectasis (Abbreviations & acronyms: IPT)idiopathic polypoidal chorioidal vasculopathy (Abbreviations & acronyms: IPCV)idiopathic polypoidal choroidal vasculopathy (Abbreviations & acronyms: IPCV)idiopathyillillnessillustrationimage artifactimage burn-inimagingimbibitionimbibition pressureimbibitional pressureimmature cataractimmersion A-scan biometry (Abbreviations & acronyms: immersion A-scan)immune modulation immune suppressionimmunomodulation immunosuppressionimmunosuppressiveimpaired visionimpaired visual acuityimpaired visualisation of the retinaimpaired visualization of the retinaimpairmentimpairment of visual acuityimplantimplantimplantable contact lens (Abbreviations & acronyms: ICL)implantationimproper eyelid positionimprovement in placein-patientin-patient carein-patient health carein-patient treatmentincapability to workincapable to workincarcerationincidental findingincipient cataractincisioninclusioninclusion conjunctivitisincomitant strabismusincomplete optic atrophy (?!)increase in intraocular pressure (Abbreviations & acronyms: increase in IOP)increased arterial reflexes indentindicateindicationindirect illuminationindirect ophthalmoscopyindirect pupil reactionindirect pupillary reactionindocyanine green (Abbreviations & acronyms: ICG)induceinduratedindurationinfantile glaucomainfectioninfectious agentinfectious crystalline keratopathy (Abbreviations & acronyms: ICK)inferior arcadeinferior arcade vessels inferior colliculiinferior colliculusinferior hemianopiainferior hemianopsiainferior oblique muscle (Abbreviations & acronyms: IO, IOM)inferior ophthalmic vein (Abbreviations & acronyms: IOV)inferior orbital fissureinferior rectus muscle (Abbreviations & acronyms: IR, IRM)inferior retinal arcadeinferior retinal arcade vessels inferior retinal vascular arcadeinferior tarsal plateinferior tarsusinferior vascular arcadeinfiltrateinfiltrationinfiltrativeinfirmaryinflammationinheritableinheritedinhibitioninjectinjectedinjectioninjection injuryinner granular layerinner layer breakinner layer holeinner limiting membrane (Abbreviations & acronyms: ILM)inner nuclear layer (Abbreviations & acronyms: INL)inner plexiform layer (Abbreviations & acronyms: IPL)inner segment (photoreceptor layer) (Abbreviations & acronyms: IS)inner segments (Abbreviations & acronyms: IS)inner-outer-segment interfaceinner-segment-outer-segment interfaceinner-segment-outer-segment junctioninner-segment/outer-segment interfaceinner-segment/outer-segment junctioninnervateinnervationinpatientinpatient careinpatient health careinpatient treatmentinsidiousinstantinstantaneousinstigating factorinstrument myopiainstrumental myopiainsufficiency insulin dependentinsulin dependent diabetes mellitus (Abbreviations & acronyms: IDDM)insulin-dependentinsuranceIntacs corneal implants (Abbreviations & acronyms: ICI)interfaceinterference fringe visual acuity (Abbreviations & acronyms: IFVA, IVA)intermediate age-related macular degeneration (Abbreviations & acronyms: intermediate AMD, intermediate ARMD)intermediate uveitis (Abbreviations & acronyms: IU)intermediate visionintermittent interninternal carotid artery (Abbreviations & acronyms: ICA)internal hordeoluminternal layer breakinternal layer holeinternal limiting membrane (Abbreviations & acronyms: ILM)internal medicineinternal tamponadeInternational Council of Ophthalmology (Abbreviations & acronyms: ICO)internistinternshipinternuclear ophthalmoplegia (Abbreviations & acronyms: INO)interpupillary distance (Abbreviations & acronyms: IPD)intoleranceintracameralintracapsularintracapsular cataract extraction (Abbreviations & acronyms: ICCE)intracapsular lens extractionintracorneal implantintracorneal implants intraocular (Abbreviations & acronyms: io)intraocular contact lens (Abbreviations & acronyms: ICL)intraocular foreign body (Abbreviations & acronyms: IOFB)intraocular hypertensionintraocular lens (Abbreviations & acronyms: IOL)intraocular lens calculation (Abbreviations & acronyms: IOL calculation)intraocular lens implantation (Abbreviations & acronyms: IOL implantation, lens implantation)intraocular lens power calculation (Abbreviations & acronyms: IOL power calculation)intraocular optic neuritisintraocular pressure (Abbreviations & acronyms: IOP)intraocular pressure decrease (Abbreviations & acronyms: IOP decrease )intraocular pressure lowering (Abbreviations & acronyms: IOP lowering)intraocular pressure measurement (Abbreviations & acronyms: IOP measurement)intraocular pressure rise (Abbreviations & acronyms: IOP rise)intraoperativeintraoperative floppy iris syndrome (Abbreviations & acronyms: IFIS)intraorbitalintraretinalintraretinal haemorrhage (Abbreviations & acronyms: IRH)intraretinal hemorrhage (Abbreviations & acronyms: IRH)intraretinal microvascular abnormality (Abbreviations & acronyms: IRMA)intraretinal microvascular anomaly (Abbreviations & acronyms: IRMA)intrastromal corneal ring (Abbreviations & acronyms: ICR, ICRS)intravitreal injection (Abbreviations & acronyms: IVI)invalidinverse pupil blockinverse pupillary blockinverted eyelashinverted eyelashes (pl.)inverted lashinverted lashes involvement IOP spikeiridectomyiridocorneal adhesioniridocorneal endothelial syndrome (Abbreviations & acronyms: ICE syndrome)iridocorneal synechiairidocorneal synechiaeiridocyclitisiridodialysisiridodonesis iridoplastyiridopupillary membraneiridoschisisiridotomyirisiris atrophyiris bicoloriris bombéiris bombeiris captureiris claw intraocular lens (Abbreviations & acronyms: iris claw IOL)iris claw lensiris clip intraocular lens (Abbreviations & acronyms: iris clip IOL)iris clip lensiris coloriris colouriris constrictor muscleiris cystiris dilatator muscleiris hamartomairis hookiris incarcerationiris melanomairis naevusiris nevusiris pigment iris pigment epithelium (Abbreviations & acronyms: IPE)iris processiris spatulairis sphincteriris sphincter muscleiris sutureiris transilluminationiris transillumination defectsiris tumoriritisirregular astigmatismirrigationirrigation of nasolacrimal ductirrigation solutionirritatedirritationIrvine-Gass syndrome (Abbreviations & acronyms: IGS)Irvine-Gass-syndrome (Abbreviations & acronyms: IGS)ischaemia ischaemic optic neuropathy (Abbreviations & acronyms: ION)ischemiaischemic optic neuropathy (Abbreviations & acronyms: ION)Ishihara color testIshihara colour testIshihara testisocoriaisopteritchitchingitchy eyes


Jensen´s chorioiditisJensen´s choroiditisJensen´s diseaseJensen´s juxtapapillaris chorioiditisJensen´s juxtapapillaris choroiditisjerk nystagmus (Abbreviations & acronyms: JN)Jones testjunctionjuncturejuxtafovealjuxtafoveolar


K readings (Abbreviations & acronyms: K)Kayser–Fleischer ring (Abbreviations & acronyms: KF ring)keratectasia (Abbreviations & acronyms: KE, ectasia)keratic precipitates (Abbreviations & acronyms: KP)keratitiskeratitis filiformis keratitis punctata (Abbreviations & acronyms: KP)keratitis punctata superficialis (Abbreviations & acronyms: KPS)keratitis superficialis punctata (Abbreviations & acronyms: KSP)keratoconjunctivitis (Abbreviations & acronyms: KC)keratoconjunctivitis photoelectricakeratoconjunctivitis sicca (Abbreviations & acronyms: KCS)keratoconus (Abbreviations & acronyms: KC)keratocytekeratocyteskeratoglobekeratoglobuskeratograph keratometerkeratometrykeratometry readings (Abbreviations & acronyms: K)keratopigmentationkeratoplasty (Abbreviations & acronyms: KP)keratoscopekeywordKhodadoust linekinetic perimetry Koeppe noduleKoeppe´s noduleKrimsky methodKrimsky prism reflex testKrimsky techniqueKrimsky testKrimsky´s methodKrimsky´s prism reflex testKrimsky´s techniqueKrimsky´s testKrukenberg´s spindle (Abbreviations & acronyms: KS)


lacerationlacquer cracklacquer cracks lacrimal apparatuslacrimal bonelacrimal canaliculi (Abbreviations & acronyms: LC, canaliculi)lacrimal canaliculus (Abbreviations & acronyms: LC, canaliculus)lacrimal carunclelacrimal crestlacrimal drainage system (Abbreviations & acronyms: LDS)lacrimal duct (Abbreviations & acronyms: LD)lacrimal duct endoscopylacrimal duct obstruction (Abbreviations & acronyms: LDO)lacrimal duct occlusion (Abbreviations & acronyms: LDO)lacrimal fluidlacrimal gland (Abbreviations & acronyms: LG)lacrimal gland fossa (Abbreviations & acronyms: lacrimal fossa)lacrimal gland insufficiencylacrimal irrigationlacrimal lakelacrimal meniscuslacrimal nervelacrimal passagelacrimal puncta lacrimal punctumlacrimal sac (Abbreviations & acronyms: LS)lacrimal sac fossa (Abbreviations & acronyms: lacrimal fossa)lacrimal scintigraphy (Abbreviations & acronyms: LS)lacrimal secretionlacrimal surgerylacrimal syringinglacrimal systemlacrimationlagophthalmoslamellar keratoplasty (Abbreviations & acronyms: LKP)lamellar macular hole (Abbreviations & acronyms: LMH)lamina cribrosa (Abbreviations & acronyms: LC)lamina quadrigeminalaminar dot signLandolt broken ringLandolt broken rings Landolt CLandolt Cs Landolt ringLandolt rings Landolt´s ringLandolt´s rings laser burn (Abbreviations & acronyms: burn)laser burns (Abbreviations & acronyms: burns)laser coagulation (Abbreviations & acronyms: LC)laser peripheral iridotomy (Abbreviations & acronyms: LPI)laser photocoagulation (Abbreviations & acronyms: LPC)laser posterior capsulotomylaser retinopexylaser spotlaser spot (Abbreviations & acronyms: spot)laser spots (Abbreviations & acronyms: spot)laser suture lysislaser suturelysislaser trabeculoplasty (Abbreviations & acronyms: LTP)laser vision correction (Abbreviations & acronyms: LVC)laser-assisted (sub-)epithelial keratomileusis (Abbreviations & acronyms: LASEK)laser-assisted cataract surgery (Abbreviations & acronyms: LCS)laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis (Abbreviations & acronyms: LASIK)lashlashes late age-related macular degeneration (Abbreviations & acronyms: late AMD, late ARMD)latencylatent nystagmus (Abbreviations & acronyms: LN)lateral geniculate nucleus (Abbreviations & acronyms: LGN)lateral rectus muscle (Abbreviations & acronyms: LR, LRM)lattice corneal dystrophy (Abbreviations & acronyms: LCD)lattice degeneration (Abbreviations & acronyms: LD, lattice)lattice dystrophy (Abbreviations & acronyms: LD)lattice retinal degeneration (Abbreviations & acronyms: LD, lattice)Laurence–Moon–Biedl–Bardet syndrome (Abbreviations & acronyms: LMBBS)layer breaklayer holelazy eyelazy eyeleakageLeber's idiopathic stellate neuroretinitis (Abbreviations & acronyms: LISN)Leber´s congenital amaurosis (Abbreviations & acronyms: LCA)Leber´s hereditary optic neuropathy (Abbreviations & acronyms: LHON)Leber´s miliary aneurysmLeber´s optic atrophy (Abbreviations & acronyms: LOA)Leber´s optic neuropathy (Abbreviations & acronyms: LON)leftleft eye (Abbreviations & acronyms: LE)left eye fixation preferencelegal blindnesslenslens lens block angle closurelens calculationlens capsule (Abbreviations & acronyms: LC, capsule)lens clearlens cortex (Abbreviations & acronyms: cortex)lens designlens dislocationlens displacementlens droplens edgelens epithelial celllens epithelial cells (Abbreviations & acronyms: LEC)lens epitheliumlens fragmentlens fragment droplens haptic (Abbreviations & acronyms: haptic)lens haptics (Abbreviations & acronyms: haptics)lens losslens luxationlens nucleus (Abbreviations & acronyms: nucleus)lens nucleus droplens nucleus losslens opacities classification system (Abbreviations & acronyms: LOCS)lens opacitylens opacity (Abbreviations & acronyms: LO)lens particlelens particle glaucomalens power calculationlens removal surgerylens sub-luxationlens subluxationlens-particle glaucomalensmeterlensometerlenticonuslenticular astigmatismleopard spot retinal pigmentationlesionletter of referral leucocorialeukocorialeukocyteleukokorialevator aponeurosislevator palpebrae superioris muscle (Abbreviations & acronyms: levator muscle, levator, levator palpebrae)license lidlid anglelid border lid closurelid creaselid glandlid glands lid laglid lag signlid marginlid margin glandlid margin glands lid openinglid positionlid retraction (Abbreviations & acronyms: retraction)lid scrublid scrubs lid speculumlid surgerylid tumorlid twitchlid-parallel conjunctival fold (Abbreviations & acronyms: LIPCOF)lid-parallel conjunctival folds (Abbreviations & acronyms: LIPCOF)lid-parallel conjunctival wrinklingligamentlightlight adaptationlight coagulationlight flash light flasheslight perception (Abbreviations & acronyms: LP)light projectionlight scatteringlight sensitivelight sensitivitylight stimuluslight-dark edgelimbal deficiencylimbal dermoidlimbal girdle of Vogtlimbal injectionlimbal insufficiencylimbal relaxing incision (Abbreviations & acronyms: LRI)limbal relaxing incisions (Abbreviations & acronyms: LRI, LRIs)limbal stem cell deficiency (Abbreviations & acronyms: LSCD)limbal stem cell insufficiencylimbal stem cells (pl.) (Abbreviations & acronyms: LSC)limbal vascular arcadelimbuslincosamides line of sight (Abbreviations & acronyms: LOS)lipidlipid layerlipids lipofuscinliposome liposomes liquefiedliquefyLisch corneal dystrophyLisch dystrophyLisch epithelial corneal dystrophy (Abbreviations & acronyms: LECD)Lisch noduleLisch´s nodulelissamine greenlocallocal anaesthesia (Abbreviations & acronyms: LA)local anesthesia (Abbreviations & acronyms: LA)local parabulbar anaesthesialocal parabulbar anesthesialocal peribulbar anaesthesialocal peribulbar anesthesialocalized retinal nerve fiber layer defect (Abbreviations & acronyms: localized RNFL defect, localized RNFLD)Lockwood's ligamentlogarithm of the minimal angle of resolution (Abbreviations & acronyms: LogMAR, logMAR)long posterior ciliary artery (Abbreviations & acronyms: LPCA)long-distance glasseslong-sightedlong-sightednesslong-vision glasseslongsightedlongsightednessloss of foveal contourloss of foveal depressionloss of functionloss of vision (Abbreviations & acronyms: LOV)loss of visual acuity (Abbreviations & acronyms: LOVA)lost lenslost lens fragmentlost lens materiallost lens nucleuslost nucleuslow contrast visual acuity (Abbreviations & acronyms: LCVA)low visionlow vision aids (Abbreviations & acronyms: LVA)low-tension glaucoma (Abbreviations & acronyms: LTG)lower eyelid (Abbreviations & acronyms: LEL)lower hemianopia (Abbreviations & acronyms: LHA)lower hemianopsia (Abbreviations & acronyms: LHA)lower lid (Abbreviations & acronyms: LL)lower lid marginlower order aberration (Abbreviations & acronyms: LOA)lower order aberrations (Abbreviations & acronyms: LOA, LOAs)lower the intraocular pressure (Abbreviations & acronyms: lower the IOP, IOP lowering)lower-order aberration (Abbreviations & acronyms: LOA)lower-order aberrations (Abbreviations & acronyms: LOA, LOAs)lowering of intraocular pressure (Abbreviations & acronyms: lowering of IOP)lubricant eye drops lubricant eyedrops lubricatelubricating dropslubricating eye drops lubricating eyedrops (pl.)lubricationlueslumbar puncture (Abbreviations & acronyms: LP)luminanceluteinluxatio lentisluxationLyell syndromeLyme borreliosis (Abbreviations & acronyms: borreliosis)Lyme diseaselymph nodelymphocyte


macro optic disc (Abbreviations & acronyms: macro disc)macro optic disk (Abbreviations & acronyms: macro disk)macroangiopathymacrocorneamacrolide-antibiotics (Abbreviations & acronyms: macrolides )macropsiamacrostriamacrostriae maculamacula attachedmacula luteamacula sparingmacula-sparingmacularmacular areamacular corneal dystrophy (Abbreviations & acronyms: MCD)macular degeneration (Abbreviations & acronyms: MD)macular detachmentmacular dystrophymacular dystrophymacular edema (Abbreviations & acronyms: ME)macular hole (Abbreviations & acronyms: MH)macular ischaemiamacular ischemiamacular lamellar hole (Abbreviations & acronyms: MLH)macular oedema (Abbreviations & acronyms: MO)macular pigment (Abbreviations & acronyms: MP)macular pigment density (Abbreviations & acronyms: MPD)macular pseudohole (Abbreviations & acronyms: MPH)macular pucker (Abbreviations & acronyms: MP)macular reflex macular regionmacular rotation macular sparingmacular starmacular translocationmadarosisMaddox rodMaddox rod test (Abbreviations & acronyms: MRT)Maddox wing (Abbreviations & acronyms: MW)magnetic resonance imaging (Abbreviations & acronyms: MRI)magnetic resonance tomography (Abbreviations & acronyms: MRT)magnification magnifiermagnifying glassmalattia leventinese (Abbreviations & acronyms: ML)malformationmalfunctionmalignancymalignantmalignant blepharitismalignant glaucomamalignant melanoma (Abbreviations & acronyms: MM)malignant melanoma in situ (Abbreviations & acronyms: MMIS)malignant myopiamanifest latent nystagmus (Abbreviations & acronyms: MLN)manifest refractionmanifest strabismusmap-dot-fingerprint dystrophy (Abbreviations & acronyms: MDF dystrophy, MDFD)Marcus Gunn pupil (Abbreviations & acronyms: MG pupil, MGP)marginal corneal infiltratemarginal corneal ulcer (Abbreviations & acronyms: marginal ulcer)marginal infiltratemarginal keratitisMartegiani´s area Martegiani´s funnelMartegiani´s ringmasquerade syndromemature cataractmature senile cataract (Abbreviations & acronyms: MSC)maxillamaxillary bonemeasurementmeasurement of intraocular pressure (Abbreviations & acronyms: measurement of IOP)medial longitudinal fasciculus (Abbreviations & acronyms: MLF)medial rectus muscle (Abbreviations & acronyms: MR, MRM)medical (context: medical retina)medical chart medical confidentialitymedical diagnosismedical doctor (Abbreviations & acronyms: MD, doctor)medical evaluationmedical exammedical examinationmedical examination reportmedical examination reportmedical examination resultmedical examination results medical glovemedical history medical imagingmedical malpractice (Abbreviations & acronyms: MM)medical practicemedical recordmedical reportmedical reportmedical retinamedical secrecymedical specialistmedical specialty examination (Abbreviations & acronyms: medical specialty exam)medical specialty training (Abbreviations & acronyms: specialty training)medical testmedical ultrasoundmedicamentmedicationmedicationmedication overuse headache (Abbreviations & acronyms: MOH)medicinemedium depth medium-depth medullated nerve fibre (Abbreviations & acronyms: MNF)medullated nerve fibres (Abbreviations & acronyms: MNF)Meesmann´s corneal dystrophy (Abbreviations & acronyms: MECD)Meesmann´s dystrophymegalocornea (Abbreviations & acronyms: MGCN)megalopapillaMeibomian glandMeibomian gland dysfunction (Abbreviations & acronyms: MGD)meibomian gland probing (Abbreviations & acronyms: MG probing)meibomian gland secretions Meibomian glands meibomitismeibumMeige´s syndromemelanocytemelanocytic naevusmelanocytic nevusmelanomamelanoma in situ (Abbreviations & acronyms: MIS)melanoma of the choroidmelanoma of the conjunctivamembrane peeling (Abbreviations & acronyms: MP, mp, peeling)meningiomameniscus lensmesopicmesopic visionmetaherpetic keratitismetallic foreign bodymetamorphopsiametamorphopsiae metaplasia metastasis metathalamusmicro incision strabismus surgery (Abbreviations & acronyms: MISS)micro-incision cataract surgery (Abbreviations & acronyms: MICS)micro-incision strabismus surgery (Abbreviations & acronyms: MISS)microaneurysm (Abbreviations & acronyms: MA)microangiopathymicrobialmicrocoriamicrocorneamicrocystmicrocystic blebmicrocystic corneal edema (Abbreviations & acronyms: MCE, microcystic edema)microcystic corneal oedema (Abbreviations & acronyms: microcystic oedema)microcystic epithelial edema of the cornea (Abbreviations & acronyms: microcystic edema)microcystic epithelial oedema of the cornea (Abbreviations & acronyms: microcystic oedema)microcysts microfolds microincision cataract surgery (Abbreviations & acronyms: MICS)microincision vitrectomy surgery (Abbreviations & acronyms: MIVS)microincision vitreous surgery (Abbreviations & acronyms: MIVS)microkeratomemicropapillamicroperimetry (Abbreviations & acronyms: MP)microphakiamicrophthalmiamicrophthalmosmicropsiamicrosaccademicrostrabismusmicrostriamicrostriae mid-peripheral retinamidperipheral retinamigrainemildmild non proliferative diabetic retinopathy (Abbreviations & acronyms: mild NPDR)mild non-proliferative diabetic retinopathy (Abbreviations & acronyms: mild NPDR)miliummillimeter of mercury (Abbreviations & acronyms: mmHg, mm Hg)minimal invasive cataract surgery (Abbreviations & acronyms: MICS)minus glasminus glassesminute of arcmiosismiosismioticmiotic agentmiotic pupilmiotics misalignment miswiring mitomycin C (Abbreviations & acronyms: MMC)mitomycine C (Abbreviations & acronyms: MMC)Möbius syndromemoderatemoderate non proliferative diabetic retinopathy (Abbreviations & acronyms: moderate NPDR)moderate non-proliferative diabetic retinopathy (Abbreviations & acronyms: moderate NPDR)Moebius congenital oculofacial paralysisMoebius syndromemoisture chambermole molluscum contagiosum (Abbreviations & acronyms: MC)Molteno implantMongolian eye foldmonocularmonocular periorbital haematomamonocular periorbital hematomamonofocal eyeglass lensmonofocal eyeglass lenses monofocal eyeglasses monofocal glasses monofocal intraocular lens (Abbreviations & acronyms: monofocal IOL)monofocal lensmonofocal lensmonofocal lenses monotherapymonovision (Abbreviations & acronyms: MV)Mooren´s corneal ulcer (Abbreviations & acronyms: MCU)Mooren´s ulcer (Abbreviations & acronyms: MU)morgagnian cataract Morgagni´s cataractmorning glory anomalymorning glory discmorning glory disc anomaly (Abbreviations & acronyms: MGDA)morning glory optic discmorning glory optic diskmorning glory syndromemorphometrymotilitymotion blindnessmottled retinal pigment epithelium (Abbreviations & acronyms: mottled RPE )mottled retinal pigment epithelium (Abbreviations & acronyms: mottled RPE )mottling of the retinal pigment epithelium (Abbreviations & acronyms: RPE mottling)mottling of the retinal pigment epithelium (Abbreviations & acronyms: RPE mottling)mottling of the retinal pigment epithelium (Abbreviations & acronyms: mottling of the RPE, mottling)mucinmucin layermucines mucocytemucocytes mucoproteins Müller cellMüller cells Müller's muscleMüller´s cellMüller´s cells multifactorialmultifocal chorioiditis (Abbreviations & acronyms: MFC)multifocal choroiditis (Abbreviations & acronyms: MFC)multifocal electroretinogram (Abbreviations & acronyms: multifocal ERG, mfERG)multifocal electroretinogram (Abbreviations & acronyms: multifocal ERG, mfERG)multifocal electroretinography (Abbreviations & acronyms: multifocal ERG, mfERG)multifocal intraocular lens (Abbreviations & acronyms: mfIOL, MFIOL, MF-IOL, MIOL, multifocal IOL)multilingual glossary of ophthalmologymultiple evanescent white dot syndrome (Abbreviations & acronyms: MEWDS)multiple sclerosis (Abbreviations & acronyms: MS)musclemuscle hookmuscle recession muscle recession surgerymuscle resectionmusculus dilatator pupillaemusculus sphincter pupillaemutton-fat keratic precipitates myasthenia gravis (Abbreviations & acronyms: MG)mycosismycoticmydriasismydriasismydriaticmydriatic agentmydriatic fundus exammydriatic fundus examinationmydriatic pupilmydriatics myectomymyelin sheathmyelinated nerve fibre (Abbreviations & acronyms: MNF)myelinated nerve fibres (Abbreviations & acronyms: MNF)myoclonusmyodesopsiamyopiamyopicmyopic choroidal neovascularisation (Abbreviations & acronyms: myopic CNV, mCNV)myopic choroidal neovascularization (Abbreviations & acronyms: myopic CNV, mCNV)myopic conusmyopic crackmyopic cracks myopic crescentmyopic fundusmyopic macular degeneration (Abbreviations & acronyms: MMD)myopic shiftmyotomy


naevus naevus fusco-caeruleus naevus fusco-caeruleus ophthalmo-maxillarisnaevus of Ota nanoparticlenanophthalmiananophthalmosnarrow anglenarrow angle glaucoma (Abbreviations & acronyms: NAG)narrow anterior chamber anglenarrow arteries narrow arteriolenarrow arterioles (pl.)narrow arterynarrow blood vesselnarrow chamber anglenarrow vesselnarrow-angle glaucoma (Abbreviations & acronyms: NAG)narrowednarrowed arteries narrowed arteriolenarrowed arterioles narrowed arterynarrowed blood vesselnarrowed optic canalnarrowed vesselnarrowing of arteriesnarrowing of arteriolesnarrowing of the visual fieldnasal arcadenasal arcade vessels nasal displacement nasal hemianopia (Abbreviations & acronyms: NHA)nasal hemianopsia (Abbreviations & acronyms: NHA)nasal retinal arcadenasal retinal arcade vessels (pl.)nasal retinal vascular arcadenasal vascular arcadenasalisation (of the vessels)nasalization (of the vessels)nasociliary nervenasolacrimal drainage system (Abbreviations & acronyms: NLDS)nasolacrimal duct (Abbreviations & acronyms: NLD)nasolacrimal duct irrigation (Abbreviations & acronyms: NLD irrigation)nasolacrimal duct obstruction (Abbreviations & acronyms: NLDO, NDO)nasolacrimal duct occlusion (Abbreviations & acronyms: NLDO, NDO)nasolacrimal duct stenosis (Abbreviations & acronyms: NLDS)nasolacrimal duct syringing (Abbreviations & acronyms: NLD syringing)nasolacrimal sac (Abbreviations & acronyms: NLS)nasolacrimal stenosisnasolacrimal system (Abbreviations & acronyms: NLS)National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians (Abbreviations & acronyms: NASHIP)National Eye Institute (Abbreviations & acronyms: NEI)natural lensNd:YAG capsulotomyNd:YAG laserNd:YAG laser capsulotomy (Abbreviations & acronyms: YLC)near addition (Abbreviations & acronyms: add.)near glassesnear point of accommodation (Abbreviations & acronyms: NPA)near point of accomodation (Abbreviations & acronyms: NPA)near point of convergence (Abbreviations & acronyms: NPC)near vision (Abbreviations & acronyms: NV)near vision chartnear vision correctionnear visual acuity (Abbreviations & acronyms: NVA)near visual acuity chartnear-distance glassesnear-sightednear-sightednessnear-vision glassesnearsightednearsightednessnearwork-induced transient myopia (Abbreviations & acronyms: NITM)necrosisnecrotizing scleritis (Abbreviations & acronyms: NS)need for actionneed for further actionneed for therapyneed for therapyneed for treatmentneed to actneedle driverneedle holderneedling negative dysphotopsianegative fluorescein stainingneodymium-doped yttrium aluminium garnet laserneoplasmneovascular glaucoma (Abbreviations & acronyms: NVG)neovascularisation (Abbreviations & acronyms: NV)neovascularisation elsewhere (Abbreviations & acronyms: NVE)neovascularisation of the angle (Abbreviations & acronyms: NVA)neovascularisation of the disc (Abbreviations & acronyms: NVD)neovascularisation of the iris (Abbreviations & acronyms: NVI)neovascularisation of the optic discneovascularisation of the optic diskneovascularization (Abbreviations & acronyms: NV)neovascularization elsewhere (Abbreviations & acronyms: NVE)neovascularization of the angle (Abbreviations & acronyms: NVA)neovascularization of the disc (Abbreviations & acronyms: NVD)neovascularization of the iris (Abbreviations & acronyms: NVI)neovascularization of the optic discneovascularization of the optic disknervenerve fibernerve fiber bundle defect (Abbreviations & acronyms: NFBD)nerve fiber layer (Abbreviations & acronyms: NFL)nerve palsynerve root nerve sheathnervous eyelid ticneural retinaneuralgianeuro-ophthalmologyneurofibromatosis (Abbreviations & acronyms: NF)neurofibromatosis type I (Abbreviations & acronyms: NF1, NF 1, NF-1)neurologistneurologyneuromyelitis optica (Abbreviations & acronyms: NMO)neuroophthalmologyneuroprotectionneuroretinal rim (Abbreviations & acronyms: NRR, rim)neuroretinal rim undermined (Abbreviations & acronyms: undermining of the rim )neuroretinitis neurosensory detachmentneurosensory retinaneurosensory retinal detachmentneurotrophic keratitis (Abbreviations & acronyms: NK)neurotrophic keratopathy (Abbreviations & acronyms: NK)nevus nevus fusco-ceruleus nevus fusco-ceruleus ophthalmo-maxillarisnevus of Ota next of kin night blindnessnight visionno abnormality detected (Abbreviations & acronyms: NAD)no acute distress (Abbreviations & acronyms: NAD)no gainno improvement (Abbreviations & acronyms: NI)no light perception (Abbreviations & acronyms: NLP)no macular edemano macular oedemano significant abnormality (Abbreviations & acronyms: NSA)no visual improvement with spectaclesnode nodular scleritisnodule non insulin dependentnon insulin dependent diabetes mellitus (Abbreviations & acronyms: NIDDM)non invasive break up time (Abbreviations & acronyms: NIBUT)non invasive breakup time (Abbreviations & acronyms: NIBUT)non proliferative diabetic retinopathy (Abbreviations & acronyms: NPDR)non proliferative sickle cell retinopathy (Abbreviations & acronyms: NPSCR)non proliferative sickle retinopathy (Abbreviations & acronyms: NPSR)non-arteriitic PION (Abbreviations & acronyms: NPION, NAPION, NA-PION)non-arteriitic posterior ischaemic optic neuropathy (Abbreviations & acronyms: NPION, NAPION, NA-PION)non-arteriitic posterior ischemic optic neuropathy (Abbreviations & acronyms: NPION, NAPION, NA-PION)non-arteritic AION (Abbreviations & acronyms: NAION, NAAION, NA-AION)non-arteritic anterior ischemic optic neuropathy (Abbreviations & acronyms: NAION, NAAION, NA-AION)non-contact tonometer (Abbreviations & acronyms: NCT)non-contact tonometry (Abbreviations & acronyms: NCT)non-insulin-dependentnon-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus (Abbreviations & acronyms: NIDDM)non-invasivenon-invasive break-up time (Abbreviations & acronyms: NIBUT)non-invasive breakup time (Abbreviations & acronyms: NIBUT)non-proliferative diabetic retinopathy (Abbreviations & acronyms: NPDR)non-proliferative sickle cell retinopathy (Abbreviations & acronyms: NPSCR)non-proliferative sickle retinopathy (Abbreviations & acronyms: NPSR)non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (Abbreviations & acronyms: NSAID)non-surgicalnon-surgical ophthalmologynoninvasivenonsteroidal antiinflammatory drugs (Abbreviations & acronyms: NSAID)Noonan syndrome (Abbreviations & acronyms: NS)normal appearingnormal appearingnormal pupillary responsenormal retinal correspondence (Abbreviations & acronyms: NRC)normal tension glaucoma (Abbreviations & acronyms: NTG)normal tension glaucoma study (Abbreviations & acronyms: NTGS)normal-appearingnormal-appearingnormotonicNorrie diseasenotchnotchingnuchal dystonia-dementia syndromenuclear cataract (Abbreviations & acronyms: NC)nuclear cataract causing myopic shiftnuclear lens opacitiesnuclear lens opacitynuclear magnetic resonance imaging (Abbreviations & acronyms: NMRI)nuclear opacitiesnuclear opacitynuclear sclerosis (Abbreviations & acronyms: NS)nuclear sclerotic cataract (Abbreviations & acronyms: NSC)nucleus dropnucleus fragmentnucleus lossnummular keratitisnurse (also male nurse)nyctalopianystagmus


oat cell carcinomaobjective measurement of refractionobjective refraction (Abbreviations & acronyms: OR)oblateoblique astigmatismoblique insertion of the optic discoblique insertion of the optic diskoblique insertion of the optic nerveobliterateobliteratedobscured visualisation of the retinaobscured visualization of the retinaoccipital lobeoccluded vesselocclusion occlusion foilocclusion therapy ochronosisoctafluoropropane (Abbreviations & acronyms: C3F8)ocular adnexaocular albinismocular bloodflowocular cicatricial pemphigoid (Abbreviations & acronyms: OCP)ocular fundus (Abbreviations & acronyms: FD, fd)ocular herpesocular histoplasmosis ocular histoplasmosis syndrome (Abbreviations & acronyms: OHS)ocular hyperaemiaocular hyperemiaocular hypertension (Abbreviations & acronyms: OH, OHT)ocular hypertension treatment study (Abbreviations & acronyms: OHTS)ocular hypotonyocular involvementocular ischaemiaocular ischaemic syndrome (Abbreviations & acronyms: OIS)ocular ischemiaocular ischemic syndrome (Abbreviations & acronyms: OIS)ocular lensocular lensocular melanocytosisocular melanomaocular migraineocular motilityocular movementocular movementsocular muscle palsyocular painocular perfusionocular perfusion pressure (Abbreviations & acronyms: OPP)ocular prosthesisocular surface (Abbreviations & acronyms: surface)ocular surface disease (Abbreviations & acronyms: OSD, surface disease)ocular surface disease index (Abbreviations & acronyms: OSD, OSDI)ocular surface disorder (Abbreviations & acronyms: OSD, surface disorder)ocular surface squamous neoplasia (Abbreviations & acronyms: OSSN)ocular surface treatmentocular surgeryocular surgeryocular tilt reaction (Abbreviations & acronyms: OTR)ocular toxoplasmosisocular traumaoculi uterque (Abbreviations & acronyms: OU)oculo-auriculo-vertebral dysplasia (Abbreviations & acronyms: OAVD)oculo-vestibular reflexoculoauriculovertebral dysplasia (Abbreviations & acronyms: OAVD)oculodermal melanocytosisoculomandibulodyscephaly with hypotrichosisoculomandibulofacial syndromeoculomotor activityoculomotor nerve (Abbreviations & acronyms: oculomotor, CN III, CN3, III)oculomotor nerve palsy (Abbreviations & acronyms: oculomotor palsy, ONP)oculomotor nerve paralysis (Abbreviations & acronyms: oculomotor paralysis, ONP)oculomotor nerve paresis (Abbreviations & acronyms: oculomotor paresis, ONP)oculoplastic surgeryoculoplasticsoculopressionoculovestibular reflexoculus dexter (Abbreviations & acronyms: OD)oculus sinister (Abbreviations & acronyms: OS)oedema oedema of the optic discoedema of the optic diskoffice hours Öffnung der Bruch-Membranoil removal old eyes once a day (Abbreviations & acronyms: QD, qd, q.d.)onchocerciasisoncologyonly available on prescription opacificationopacification of the optic mediaopacification of the optical mediaopacified opacifyopacityopaqueopaque bubble layer (Abbreviations & acronyms: OBL)open angleopen angle glaucoma (Abbreviations & acronyms: OAG)open anterior chamber angle (Abbreviations & acronyms: open ACA)open chamber angleopen globe injury (Abbreviations & acronyms: OGI)open-angle glaucoma (Abbreviations & acronyms: OAG)opening the eyelidsopening the lidsoperating microscopeoperculumophthalmic herpes zoster (Abbreviations & acronyms: OHZ)ophthalmic migraineophthalmic nerve (Abbreviations & acronyms: V1)ophthalmic palsy (Abbreviations & acronyms: OP)ophthalmic surgeryophthalmic viscosurgical device (Abbreviations & acronyms: OVD)ophthalmogenetics ophthalmologicophthalmologic dictionaryophthalmologic glossaryophthalmologic thesaurus ophthalmologicalophthalmological examinationophthalmologistophthalmology (Abbreviations & acronyms: oph, ophth )ophthalmometerophthalmopaediatricophthalmopaediatrics ophthalmoparalysis (Abbreviations & acronyms: OP)ophthalmoparesis (Abbreviations & acronyms: OP)ophthalmoparesis (Abbreviations & acronyms: OP)ophthalmopediatricophthalmopediatrics ophthalmoplastic surgeryophthalmoplastics ophthalmoplegia (Abbreviations & acronyms: OP)ophthalmoptosisophthalmoscopeophthalmoscopicophthalmoscopyophthalmosurgeryopinionopticoptic atrophy (Abbreviations & acronyms: OA)optic canal (Abbreviations & acronyms: OC)optic canal decompression (Abbreviations & acronyms: OCT)optic canal stenosisoptic chiasm (Abbreviations & acronyms: OCh)optic cup (Abbreviations & acronyms: OC)optic disc (Abbreviations & acronyms: OD)optic disc areaoptic disc blurringoptic disc coloboma (Abbreviations & acronyms: ODC)optic disc cup (Abbreviations & acronyms: ODC)optic disc cupping (Abbreviations & acronyms: ODC)optic disc cuppingoptic disc diameter (Abbreviations & acronyms: ODD)optic disc drusen (pl.) (Abbreviations & acronyms: ODD)optic disc edema (Abbreviations & acronyms: ODE)optic disc elevationoptic disc excavationoptic disc haemorrhage (Abbreviations & acronyms: ODH)optic disc hemorrhage (Abbreviations & acronyms: ODH)optic disc hyperaemiaoptic disc hyperaemicoptic disc hyperemiaoptic disc hyperemicoptic disc imagingoptic disc marginoptic disc margin blurredoptic disc margin haemorrhageoptic disc margin hemorrhageoptic disc oedema (Abbreviations & acronyms: ODO)optic disc pallor (Abbreviations & acronyms: disc pallor)optic disc photographoptic disc photographyoptic disc pit (Abbreviations & acronyms: ODP)optic disc swelling (Abbreviations & acronyms: ODS, swelling)optic disc with physiologic cupoptic disc with saucerized cupoptic disc with temporal pallor optic disk (Abbreviations & acronyms: OD)optic disk areaoptic disk blurringoptic disk coloboma (Abbreviations & acronyms: ODC)optic disk cup (Abbreviations & acronyms: ODC)optic disk cuppingoptic disk cupping (Abbreviations & acronyms: ODC)optic disk diameter (Abbreviations & acronyms: ODD)optic disk drusen (Abbreviations & acronyms: ODD)optic disk edema (Abbreviations & acronyms: ODE)optic disk elevationoptic disk excavationoptic disk haemorrhage (Abbreviations & acronyms: ODH)optic disk hemorrhage (Abbreviations & acronyms: ODH)optic disk hyperaemiaoptic disk hyperaemicoptic disk hyperemiaoptic disk hyperemicoptic disk imagingoptic disk marginoptic disk margin blurredoptic disk margin haemorrhageoptic disk margin hemorrhageoptic disk oedema (Abbreviations & acronyms: ODO)optic disk pallor (Abbreviations & acronyms: disk pallor)optic disk photographoptic disk photographyoptic disk pit (Abbreviations & acronyms: ODP)optic disk swelling (Abbreviations & acronyms: ODS, swelling)optic disk with saucerized cupoptic disk with temporal pallor optic foramenoptic media optic media opacification (Abbreviations & acronyms: media opacification)optic media opacity (Abbreviations & acronyms: media opacity)optic mediumoptic nerve (Abbreviations & acronyms: ON, CN II, CN2, II)optic nerve aplasia (Abbreviations & acronyms: ONA)optic nerve atrophy (Abbreviations & acronyms: ONA)optic nerve avulsionoptic nerve compressionoptic nerve cuppingoptic nerve cupping (Abbreviations & acronyms: ODC)optic nerve decompression (Abbreviations & acronyms: OND)optic nerve drusen (Abbreviations & acronyms: OND)optic nerve head (Abbreviations & acronyms: ONH)optic nerve head cup (Abbreviations & acronyms: ONH cup)optic nerve head drusen (pl.) (Abbreviations & acronyms: ONHD)optic nerve hypoplasia (Abbreviations & acronyms: ONH)optic nerve papillaoptic nerve sheath (Abbreviations & acronyms: ONS)optic nerve sheath meningeoma (Abbreviations & acronyms: ONSM)optic nerve sheath meningioma (Abbreviations & acronyms: ONSM)optic neuritis (Abbreviations & acronyms: ON)optic neuropathyoptic palloroptic papilla (Abbreviations & acronyms: OP)optic perineuritis (Abbreviations & acronyms: OPN)optic pitoptic radiationoptic radiation of Gratioletoptic tract (Abbreviations & acronyms: OT)opticaloptical axisoptical coherence biometryoptical coherence tomography (Abbreviations & acronyms: OCT)optical density (Abbreviations & acronyms: OD)optical media optical media opacification (Abbreviations & acronyms: media opacification)optical media opacity (Abbreviations & acronyms: media opacity)optical mediumoptical poweroptical throughput (Abbreviations & acronyms: throughput)optical zoneoptically emptyopticianoptics optociliary shuntoptociliary shunt vesseloptociliary shunt vessels optokinetic nystagmus (Abbreviations & acronyms: OKN)optokinetic reflex (Abbreviations & acronyms: OKR)optometristoptometryoptotypeoptotypes ora bayora pearlora serrata (Abbreviations & acronyms: ora)ora teeth ora toothoral bayoral facial dystoniaorbicularis oculi muscle (Abbreviations & acronyms: orbicularis oculi, orbicularis muscle)orbitorbitalorbital apex syndrome (Abbreviations & acronyms: OAS)orbital cellulitisorbital floor orbital floor fracture (Abbreviations & acronyms: OFF)orbital implantorbital optic neuritisorbital septumorbital tumororthophoriaorthoptic patch (Abbreviations & acronyms: patch)orthoptic status orthopticsorthoptistorthotropiaoscillationosmolarityosmoprotectionotolaryngologist otolaryngologyotorhinolaryngologist (Abbreviations & acronyms: ORL)otorhinolaryngologyout-patientout-patient treatment outcomeouter boundariesouter boundaryouter granular layerouter layer breakouter layer holeouter limitouter limiting membrane (Abbreviations & acronyms: OLM)outer limitsouter nuclear layer (Abbreviations & acronyms: ONL)outer plexiform layer (Abbreviations & acronyms: OPL)outer retinal tubulation (Abbreviations & acronyms: ORT)outer segment (photoreceptor layer) (Abbreviations & acronyms: OS)outer segments (Abbreviations & acronyms: OS)outflowoutpatientoutpatient treatment over the counter (Abbreviations & acronyms: OTC)over-the-counter (Abbreviations & acronyms: OTC)overaction (Abbreviations & acronyms: OA)


pachymetrypaediatric ophthalmologypaediatricianpaediatrics painpainkillerpainlesspalatine bonepale colorpale colourpale discpale optic disc (Abbreviations & acronyms: pale OD)pale optic disk (Abbreviations & acronyms: pale OD)pale optic nerve head (Abbreviations & acronyms: pale ONH)paleness of colorpaleness of colourpalinopsiapalisade degenerationpalpebral fissurepalpebral ligament palpebral raphepalsypan retinalpan retinal photocoagulation (Abbreviations & acronyms: PRP)pan-retinal photocoagulation (Abbreviations & acronyms: PRP)panda eyespannuspanophthalmia panophthalmitispanretinalpanretinal photocoagulation (Abbreviations & acronyms: PRP)panthenolPanum´s areaPanum´s fusional area (Abbreviations & acronyms: PFA)panuveitispapillae papillary conjunctivitispapilledema (Abbreviations & acronyms: PE)papillitispapilloedema (Abbreviations & acronyms: PO)papillomapapillomacular bundle (Abbreviations & acronyms: PMB)papillorenal syndromeparabulbar anaesthesia (Abbreviations & acronyms: PBA)parabulbar anesthesia (Abbreviations & acronyms: PBA)paracentesisparacetamol parafoveolarparalysisparalytic strabismusparanasal sinus (Abbreviations & acronyms: sinus)paranasal sinuses (Abbreviations & acronyms: sinuses)parapapillary atrophy (Abbreviations & acronyms: PPA)parapapillary atrophy alpha zoneparapapillary atrophy beta zoneparasympatholytic agent (Abbreviations & acronyms: parasympatholytic )parasympatholytic agents (Abbreviations & acronyms: parasympatholytics )parasympatholytic drug (Abbreviations & acronyms: parasympatholytic )parasympatholytic drugs (Abbreviations & acronyms: parasympatholytics )parasympathomimetic agent (Abbreviations & acronyms: parasympathomimetic)parasympathomimetic agents (Abbreviations & acronyms: parasympathomimetics )parasympathomimetic drug (Abbreviations & acronyms: parasympathomimetic)parasympathomimetic drugs (Abbreviations & acronyms: parasympathomimetics )paresisParinaud´s syndromeparoxysmal hemicraniapars plana vitrectomy (Abbreviations & acronyms: PPV)pars planitispartpartial lens displacementparticlepatchpatching patellar fossapatent foramen ovale (Abbreviations & acronyms: PFO)pathogenpathogenesispathogeneticpathogeneticalpathogenicpathologicpathologic myopiapathological myopiapathologypatientpatient dischargepatient educationPaton´s linePaton´s linespatternpattern dystrophypattern electroretinogram (Abbreviations & acronyms: PERG, pattern ERG)pattern electroretinography (Abbreviations & acronyms: PERG, pattern ERG)pattern macular dystrophypavement epitheliumpavingstone degenerationpeak intraocular pressure (Abbreviations & acronyms: peak IOP)peau d´orangepediatric ophthalmologypediatricianpediatrics pellucid marginal corneal degeneration (Abbreviations & acronyms: PMCD)pellucid marginal degeneration (Abbreviations & acronyms: PMD)pemphigoidpenalisationpenalizationpendular nystagmus (Abbreviations & acronyms: PN)penetrating keratoplasty (Abbreviations & acronyms: pKP, PKP)penicillines perceptionperception of cobwebsperception of multiple floatersperception of smoke signalsperception of vitreous floaters (Abbreviations & acronyms: perception of floaters)perennialperennial allergic conjunctivitis (Abbreviations & acronyms: PAC)perfluorocarbon (Abbreviations & acronyms: PFC)perfluorocarbon liquid (Abbreviations & acronyms: PFCL)perfluorocarbon liquids (Abbreviations & acronyms: PFCL)perfluoroethane (Abbreviations & acronyms: C2F6)perfluoropropane (Abbreviations & acronyms: C3F8)perforating keratoplasty (Abbreviations & acronyms: pKP, PKP)perforationperfusion pressureperibulbar anaesthesia (Abbreviations & acronyms: PBA)peribulbar anesthesia (Abbreviations & acronyms: PBA)perilimbalperimeterperimetryperiocularperiodic alternating nystagmus (Abbreviations & acronyms: PAN)perioperative posterior ischaemic optic neuropathy (Abbreviations & acronyms: perioperative PION)perioperative posterior ischemic optic neuropathy (Abbreviations & acronyms: perioperative PION)periorbital cellulitisperiorbital ecchymosisperipapillary atrophy (Abbreviations & acronyms: PPA)peripapillary atrophy alpha zoneperipapillary atrophy beta zoneperipapillary conus (Abbreviations & acronyms: conus)peripapillary crescentperipapillary hyperreflective ovoid mass-like structures (Abbreviations & acronyms: PHOMS)peripheralperipheral anterior synechia (Abbreviations & acronyms: PAS)peripheral anterior synechiae (Abbreviations & acronyms: PAS)peripheral corneal relaxing incision (Abbreviations & acronyms: PCRI)peripheral corneal relaxing incisions (Abbreviations & acronyms: PCRI, PCRIs)peripheral fundusperipheral iridectomy (Abbreviations & acronyms: PI)peripheral iridotomy (Abbreviations & acronyms: PI)peripheral microcystic degenerationperipheral microcystic retinal degenerationperipheral retina (Abbreviations & acronyms: PR)peripheral retinal degenerationperipheral retinal degenerations peripheral ulcerative keratitis (Abbreviations & acronyms: PUK)peripheral vestibular nystagmus (Abbreviations & acronyms: PVN)peripheral visionpersistent hyperplastic primary vitreous (Abbreviations & acronyms: PHPV)persistent idiopathic facial pain (Abbreviations & acronyms: PIFP)persistent iridopupillary membranepersistent macular edema (Abbreviations & acronyms: PME)persistent macular oedema (Abbreviations & acronyms: PMO)persistent pupillary membranepersistingpersisting epithelial defect (Abbreviations & acronyms: PED)petechiapetechiae Peters anomalyphaco slit knifephacodonesis phacoemulsification (Abbreviations & acronyms: phaco, PE)phacolytic glaucomaphacomorphic glaucomaphacophagiaphakicphakic intraocular lens (Abbreviations & acronyms: phakic IOL, phakic lens)phakodonesis phakolytic glaucomaphakomaphakomatosispharmaceutical medical treatmentpharmaceutical treatmentpharmaceuticals pharmacologicpharmacologicalpharmacologyphlyctenulephlyctenules phlyctenulosisphoriaphoropterphosphenes photelectric cellphotic maculopathyphotocell photochromic photocoagulation (Abbreviations & acronyms: PC)photocoagulation of the ciliary body photocoagulation of the ciliary processesphotodynamic therapy (Abbreviations & acronyms: PDT)photokeratitisphotokeratoconjunctivitisphotophobiaphotophobicphotopicphotopic visionphotopsiaphotopsiae photoreceptorphotoreceptor cellphotoreceptor cells photoreceptor layerphotorefractive keratectomy (Abbreviations & acronyms: PRK)photosensitivephotosensitivityphototherapeutic keratectomy (Abbreviations & acronyms: PTK)phototubephthisis bulbi (Abbreviations & acronyms: phthisis)phtisis bulbi (Abbreviations & acronyms: phtisis)physicianphysician physician in private practicephysician´s letterphysiologicphysiologypiggyback contact lenspiggyback intraocular lens (Abbreviations & acronyms: piggyback IOL)piggyback lens (CL)piggyback lens (IOL)piggyback lens system (CL)pigment alterations (Abbreviations & acronyms: PA)pigment cells pigment clumpingpigment depositionpigment dispersion glaucoma (Abbreviations & acronyms: PDG)pigment dispersion syndrome (Abbreviations & acronyms: PDS)pigment dustpigment epithelial detachment (Abbreviations & acronyms: PE-detachment, PED)pigment epitheliopathypigment epithelium (Abbreviations & acronyms: PE)pigment granules pigment particles pigment rarefaction of the retinal pigment epithelium (Abbreviations & acronyms: pigment rarefaction of the RPE, pigment rarefaction)pigmentary alterations (Abbreviations & acronyms: PA)pigmentary changes of the retinal pigment epithelium (Abbreviations & acronyms: pigmentary changes of the RPE )pigmentary glaucoma (Abbreviations & acronyms: PG)pigmentary mottling pigmentary mottling pigmentary mottling pigmentary retinopathy (Abbreviations & acronyms: PR)pigmentedpilar cystpillpilocarpinepingueculapingueculitispinhole (Abbreviations & acronyms: PH)pinhole glassespinhole occluder pink eyepitpit of the optic discpit of the optic diskpitspituitary adenomapituitary glandplacebo (Abbreviations & acronyms: PB, PBO, PC)Placido discPlacido diskPlacido's discPlacido's diskplamatic imbibitionplan plano (Abbreviations & acronyms: pl.)plasterplateau iris plateau iris configurationplateau iris syndromeplegiaplica semilunarisplus glasplus glassespneumatic retinopexy (Abbreviations & acronyms: PR)pneumotonometerpneumotonometry polar cataractpolymerase chain reaction (Abbreviations & acronyms: PCR)polypeptide antibiotics (Abbreviations & acronyms: polypeptides)polypoidal chorioidal vasculopathy (Abbreviations & acronyms: PCV)polypoidal choroidal vasculopathy (Abbreviations & acronyms: PCV)polytherapypooling Poppers maculopathyposition of the eyes (Abbreviations & acronyms: position )positional nystagmus (Abbreviations & acronyms: PN)positional nystagmus (Abbreviations & acronyms: PN)positional vertigo (Abbreviations & acronyms: PV)positional vestibular nystagmus (Abbreviations & acronyms: PVN)positional vestibular nystagmus (Abbreviations & acronyms: PVN)positioning nystagmus (Abbreviations & acronyms: PN)positioning vertigo (Abbreviations & acronyms: PV)positioning vestibular nystagmus (Abbreviations & acronyms: PVN)positive fluorescein stainingPosner-Schlossman syndrome (Abbreviations & acronyms: PSS)posteriorposterior amorphous corneal dystrophie (Abbreviations & acronyms: PACD)posterior blepharitisposterior capsular membrane (Abbreviations & acronyms: PCM)posterior capsular rupture (Abbreviations & acronyms: PCR)posterior capsular tear (Abbreviations & acronyms: PCT)posterior capsule (Abbreviations & acronyms: PC)posterior capsule membrane (Abbreviations & acronyms: PCM)posterior capsule opacification (Abbreviations & acronyms: PCO)posterior capsule opacity (Abbreviations & acronyms: PCO)posterior capsulotomyposterior cerebral artery (Abbreviations & acronyms: PCA)posterior chamber (Abbreviations & acronyms: PC)posterior chamber intraocular lens (Abbreviations & acronyms: posterior chamber IOL, PCIOL, PC-IOL, PC IOL)posterior chamber lens (Abbreviations & acronyms: PCL)posterior ciliary artery (Abbreviations & acronyms: PCA)posterior communicating artery (Abbreviations & acronyms: PComA)posterior corneal surface (Abbreviations & acronyms: posterior surface)posterior crocodile shagreenposterior eye segment posterior eye segments posterior fixation suture posterior hyaloid membrane posterior ischaemic optic neuropathy (Abbreviations & acronyms: PION)posterior ischemic optic neuropathy (Abbreviations & acronyms: PION)posterior lacrimal crestposterior lamellar keratoplasty (Abbreviations & acronyms: PLKP)posterior polar cataract (Abbreviations & acronyms: PPC)posterior pole (Abbreviations & acronyms: PP)posterior polymorphous corneal dystrophy (Abbreviations & acronyms: PPCD)posterior scleritisposterior segment (Abbreviations & acronyms: PS)posterior segment of the eyeposterior segment surgeonposterior segment surgeryposterior segments (Abbreviations & acronyms: PS)posterior segments of the eye (Abbreviations & acronyms: PS)posterior subcapsular cataract (Abbreviations & acronyms: PSC)posterior synechiaposterior synechiae posterior uveitis (Abbreviations & acronyms: PU)posterior vitreal detachment (Abbreviations & acronyms: PVD)posterior vitreous detachment (Abbreviations & acronyms: PVD)posterior vitreous membrane (Abbreviations & acronyms: PVM)postganglionicpostoperativepostoperative posterior ischaemic optic neuropathy (Abbreviations & acronyms: postoperative PION)postoperative posterior ischemic optic neuropathy (Abbreviations & acronyms: postoperative PION)postsurgical posterior ischaemic optic neuropathy (Abbreviations & acronyms: postsurgical PION)postsurgical posterior ischemic optic neuropathy (Abbreviations & acronyms: postsurgical PION)postural changepracticepraemacular bursapraemacular membranepraeoral pre-anaesthesia examinationpre-anesthesia examinationprecipitates preganglionicpregnancyprehistorypremacular bursapremacular membranepreoperativepreoral preproliferative diabetic retinopathy (Abbreviations & acronyms: PPDR)preretinalpreretinal haemorrhage (Abbreviations & acronyms: PRH)preretinal hemorrhage (Abbreviations & acronyms: PRH)preretinal membrane (Abbreviations & acronyms: PRM)presbyopiapresbyopicpresbyopic lens exchange (Abbreviations & acronyms: PRELEX)prescribeprescriptionprescription drug presentationpresenting complaint (Abbreviations & acronyms: PC)preseptal cellulitispreservativepreservative agentpreservative allergies preservative allergypreservative freepreservative-freepreservatives allergypreservedpressurepressure-induced interstitial keratitis (Abbreviations & acronyms: PIIK)pressure-induced lamellar keratitis (Abbreviations & acronyms: PILK)pressure-induced stromal keratitis (Abbreviations & acronyms: PISK)pressure-lowering pressure-lowering effectprestriate cortexpresumedpresumed ocular histoplasmosis syndrome (Abbreviations & acronyms: POHS)prevalencepreventionpreventive examinationprimaryprimary acquired melanosis (Abbreviations & acronyms: PAM)primary angle closure glaucoma (Abbreviations & acronyms: PACG)primary closed angle glaucoma (Abbreviations & acronyms: PCAG)primary closed-angle glaucoma (Abbreviations & acronyms: PCAG)primary concern (Abbreviations & acronyms: PC)primary congenital glaucoma (Abbreviations & acronyms: PCG)primary glaucomaprimary narrow angle glaucoma (Abbreviations & acronyms: PNAG)primary narrow-angle glaucoma (Abbreviations & acronyms: PNAG)primary open angle glaucoma (Abbreviations & acronyms: POAG)primary open-angle glaucoma (Abbreviations & acronyms: POAG)primary optic nerve sheath meningeoma (Abbreviations & acronyms: pONSM)primary optic nerve sheath meningioma (Abbreviations & acronyms: pONSM)primary positionprimary visual cortex (Abbreviations & acronyms: PVC, V1)prior treatmentprism (Abbreviations & acronyms: PR)prism barprism diopters (Abbreviations & acronyms: PD, p.d.)prism foilprism fusion range (Abbreviations & acronyms: PFR, fusion range)private health insuranceprivate medical insurance (Abbreviations & acronyms: PMI)private patientpro re nata (Abbreviations & acronyms: p.r.n., prn)probeprobingprobing of lacrimal drainage systemprobing of lacrimal passageprobing of nasolacrimal ductprobing of tear drainage systemprobing of tear passageprogressprogressionprogressive addition lens (Abbreviations & acronyms: PAL)progressive cone dystrophy (Abbreviations & acronyms: PCD)progressive glasses (Abbreviations & acronyms: PG)progressive iris atrophyprogressive lensprogressive outer retinal necrosis (Abbreviations & acronyms: PORN)progressive spectacle lensprogressive sub-retinal fibrosis and uveitis syndrome (Abbreviations & acronyms: SFU)progressive subretinal fibrosis and uveitis syndrome (Abbreviations & acronyms: SFU)progressive supranuclear palsy (Abbreviations & acronyms: PSP)prolapseprolateproliferation elsewhere proliferation of the discproliferation of the optic discproliferation of the optic diskproliferative diabetic retinopathy (Abbreviations & acronyms: PDR, proliferative retinopathy)proliferative diabetic vitreoretinopathy (Abbreviations & acronyms: PDVR)proliferative sickle cell retinopathy (Abbreviations & acronyms: PSCR)proliferative sickle retinopathy (Abbreviations & acronyms: PSR)proliferative vitreoretinopathy (Abbreviations & acronyms: PVR)prominentprominent eyeproofproperly placedprophylaxisproptosisprostaglandin analogs (Abbreviations & acronyms: prostaglandines, PGA, PGAs)prostaglandin analogue (Abbreviations & acronyms: prostaglandine, PGA)prostaglandin analogues (Abbreviations & acronyms: prostaglandines, PGA, PGAs)prosthesisprosthetic eye protanomalyprotanopiaprotectionprotruding eyeprotrusio bulbiprotrusionprotuberantprurituspseudoexfoliation (Abbreviations & acronyms: PEX PXF)pseudoexfoliation glaucoma (Abbreviations & acronyms: PEG)pseudoexfoliation syndrome (Abbreviations & acronyms: PEX, PXF syndrome)pseudoexfoliative glaucoma (Abbreviations & acronyms: PEG)pseudoisochromatic platepseudopapilledemapseudopapilloedemapseudophakia (Abbreviations & acronyms: pp)pseudophakicpseudophakic cystoid macular edema (Abbreviations & acronyms: PCME )pseudophakic cystoid macular oedema (Abbreviations & acronyms: PCMO)pseudophakic pseudopallorpseudophakic retinal detachmentpseudotumor cerebri (Abbreviations & acronyms: PTC, PC)pseudoxanthoma elasticum (Abbreviations & acronyms: PXE)pterygiumptosispuffy eyepuffy eyespuncta lacrimalia punctal occluderpunctal occlusion punctal plugpunctal stenosispunctate epithelial erosions (Abbreviations & acronyms: PEE)punctate haemorrhage (Abbreviations & acronyms: PH)punctate haemorrhages (Abbreviations & acronyms: PH)punctate hemorrhage (Abbreviations & acronyms: PH)punctate hemorrhages (pl.) (Abbreviations & acronyms: PH)punctate inner chorioiditis (Abbreviations & acronyms: PIC)punctate inner choroiditis (Abbreviations & acronyms: PIC)punctate inner choroidopathy (Abbreviations & acronyms: PIC)punctate keratitis (Abbreviations & acronyms: PK)punctate keratopathy (Abbreviations & acronyms: PK)punctate superficial keratitis (Abbreviations & acronyms: PSK)punctate superficial keratopathy (Abbreviations & acronyms: PSK)punctum lacrimale punctum plugpupil (Abbreviations & acronyms: P)pupil aperture sizepupil blockpupil constrictionpupil contractionpupil diameterpupil dilatator musclepupil dilationpupil distance (Abbreviations & acronyms: PD, P.D.)pupil distortionpupil functionpupil larger than average sizepupil marginpupil ovalisationpupil ovalizationpupil reaction (Abbreviations & acronyms: PR)pupil reactions (Abbreviations & acronyms: PR)pupil rigiditypupil sizepupil with average sizepupillary blockpupillary constrictionpupillary constrictorpupillary contractionpupillary dilatatorpupillary distance (Abbreviations & acronyms: PD, P.D.)pupillary distortionpupillary functionpupillary marginpupillary membranepupillary reactionpupillary reactions pupillary rigiditypupillary seclusionpupillary sphincterpupillary stiffnesspupillographpupillographypupillometerpupillometrypupillometrypupillotonypupils equalpupils equal, round, reactive to light and accommodation (Abbreviations & acronyms: PERRLA)pupils isocoricpupil´s aperture sizepure researchPurkinje imagePurkinje reflexPurkinje-Sanson imagepursuit eye movements Purtscher retinopathyPurtscher´s retinopathypurulentpurulent dischargepuspyogenic


Q factor (Abbreviations & acronyms: Q)Q-factor (Abbreviations & acronyms: Q)quadrant anopia (Abbreviations & acronyms: QA)quadrant anopsia (Abbreviations & acronyms: QA)quadrantanopia (Abbreviations & acronyms: QA)quadrantanopsia (Abbreviations & acronyms: QA)quality of life (Abbreviations & acronyms: QOL)quaque hora somni (Abbreviations & acronyms: q.h.s.)questionnairequiescentquiescent choroidal neovascularisation (Abbreviations & acronyms: quiescent CNV)quiescent choroidal neovascularization (Abbreviations & acronyms: quiescent CNV)quiet (e.g. anterior chamber quiet)Quincke´s edema (Abbreviations & acronyms: QE)Quincke´s oedemaquinolones


raccoon eyesradial keratotomy (Abbreviations & acronyms: RK)radial optic neurotomy (Abbreviations & acronyms: RON)radiation retinopathyradiologistradiologyrailroad nystagmusraisedraised intraocular pressure (Abbreviations & acronyms: raised IOP)range of accommodationrange of accomodation (wrong spelling!)rarefaction of the retinal pigment epithelium (Abbreviations & acronyms: rarefaction of the RPE)ratingre-epithelisation re-epithelization reactionreactive miosisreactive to lightreading disabilityreading glassesreading segment reading visionreading visual acuityreassessmentreattached retinareattachment of the retinarebound effectrebound headacherebound nystagmus (Abbreviations & acronyms: RN)receptorreceptor cellreceptor mediatedreceptor-mediatedrecoveryrecovery movementrecovery movementsrecurrencerecurrentrecurrent corneal erosion (Abbreviations & acronyms: RCE, corneal erosion)red blood cell (Abbreviations & acronyms: RBC)red color desaturationred desaturationred eyered reflexred-free illuminationredetachment of the retina (Abbreviations & acronyms: redetachment)rednessreduced earning capacityreepithelisation reepithelization referencereference toreferralreferral letterreferring physicianrefixationrefixation movementreflectometryreflectory pupillary rigidityreflectory rigidity of the pupil (Abbreviations & acronyms: reflectory rigidity)refractionrefractiverefractive changerefractive cylinderrefractive error (Abbreviations & acronyms: RE)refractive index (Abbreviations & acronyms: RI)refractive lens exchange (Abbreviations & acronyms: RLE, RELEX)refractive media refractive mediumrefractive powerrefractive surgery (Abbreviations & acronyms: RS)refractoryRefsum diseaseregarding (Abbreviations & acronyms: RE, Re)registered nurse (Abbreviations & acronyms: RN)registrarregistrationregressionregular astigmatismReis-Bückler´s corneal dystrophy (Abbreviations & acronyms: RBCD)Reis-Buckler´s corneal dystrophy (Abbreviations & acronyms: RBCD)Reis-Buckler´s dystrophy (Abbreviations & acronyms: RBD)Reis-Bückler´s dystrophy (Abbreviations & acronyms: RBD)reject rejection reaction (Abbreviations & acronyms: rejection)relative afferent pupillary defect (Abbreviations & acronyms: RAPD)relative scotomarelative visual field defect (Abbreviations & acronyms: relative defect)relative visual field loss (Abbreviations & acronyms: relative loss)releasable sutureremaining refractionremaining refractive error (Abbreviations & acronyms: RRE)remedyremissionremovalremoval of corneal epitheliumremoval of epitheliumremoval of silicone oil (Abbreviations & acronyms: ROSO)removal of the corneal epitheliumremoval of the epitheliumremoverenal coloboma syndromereproducibility reproducible requirement for therapyrequirements resectresectionresidency residentresidual residual functionresidual islandresidual portionresidual refracionresidual refractive error (Abbreviations & acronyms: RRE)residual retinal detachmentresolutionresolving powerresting point of accommodationrestrictionrestrictive motility disorderrestrictive myopathyrestrictive orbitopathyresultresultresults retained lensretained lens fragmentretained lens materialretained lens nucleusretained nucleusretention cystreticular drusen (Abbreviations & acronyms: RDR)reticular pigment reticular pigment changes reticular pigmentary degenerationretina (Abbreviations & acronyms: r., ret.)retina attachedretina attached everywhereretina circumferentially attachedretina reattachedretinal angiomatous proliferation (Abbreviations & acronyms: RAP)retinal arcade (Abbreviations & acronyms: arcade)retinal arcade vessels (pl.) (Abbreviations & acronyms: arcade vessels (pl.))retinal arterial macroaneurysm (Abbreviations & acronyms: RAMA)retinal attachmentretinal break (Abbreviations & acronyms: RB)retinal choroidal anastomosis (Abbreviations & acronyms: RCA)retinal correspondenceretinal detachment (Abbreviations & acronyms: RD)retinal dialysisretinal disparity retinal electronic prosthesisretinal foldretinal foldsretinal ganglion cell (Abbreviations & acronyms: RGC)retinal hole (Abbreviations & acronyms: RH, hole)retinal imageretinal implant retinal infiltrateretinal macroaneurysmretinal mid peripheryretinal mid-peripheryretinal neovascularisationretinal neovascularizationretinal nerve fiber bundle defect (Abbreviations & acronyms: RNFBD)retinal nerve fiber layer (Abbreviations & acronyms: RNFL)retinal nerve fiber layer defect (Abbreviations & acronyms: RNFL defect, RNFLD)retinal nerve fiber layer thickness (Abbreviations & acronyms: RNFLT)retinal peripheryretinal pigment epithelial detachment (Abbreviations & acronyms: RPE-detachment)retinal pigment epithelium (Abbreviations & acronyms: RPE)retinal pigment epithelium defect (Abbreviations & acronyms: RPE defect)retinal pigment epithelium loss (Abbreviations & acronyms: RPE loss)retinal pigment epithelium mottling (Abbreviations & acronyms: RPE-mottling, RPE mottling, mottling)retinal pigment epithelium rip (Abbreviations & acronyms: RPE rip, RPE-rip)retinal pigment epithelium window defect (Abbreviations & acronyms: RPE window defect, window defect)retinal reattachmentretinal redetachment (Abbreviations & acronyms: redetachment)retinal snowflakesretinal surgeryretinal tear (Abbreviations & acronyms: RB)retinal telangiectasisretinal thicknessretinal U-tear (Abbreviations & acronyms: U-tear)retinal vascular arcade (Abbreviations & acronyms: vascular arcade )retinal vasculitisretinal vein obstruction (Abbreviations & acronyms: vein occlusion, RVO)retinal vein occlusion (Abbreviations & acronyms: vein occlusion, RVO)retinectomyretinitisretinitis pigmentosa (Abbreviations & acronyms: RP)retinitis punctata albescensretinoblastoma (Abbreviations & acronyms: RTB, RB)retinocerebellar angiomatosisretinochoroidal anastomosis (Abbreviations & acronyms: RCA)retinochoroiditis retinologistretinologyretinopathia diabetica (Abbreviations & acronyms: RD)retinopathia pigmentosa (Abbreviations & acronyms: RP)retinopathia sclopetariaretinopathy of praematurity (Abbreviations & acronyms: ROP)retinopathy of prematurity (Abbreviations & acronyms: ROP)retinopexyretinoschisisretinoscoperetinoscopyretinotomyretinotoxicretinotoxicityretraction nystagmusretractory nystagmusretro illuminationretro-illuminationretrobulbar (Abbreviations & acronyms: RB)retrobulbar anaesthesia (Abbreviations & acronyms: RBA)retrobulbar anesthesia (Abbreviations & acronyms: RBA)retrobulbar neuritis (Abbreviations & acronyms: RBN)retroequatorial myopexy (Abbreviations & acronyms: myopexy )retrograderetroilluminationretroillumination defect of the irisretroillumination defects of the irisretroillumination iris defectretroillumination iris defectsretrolental fibroplasia (Abbreviations & acronyms: RLF)reverse pupil blockreverse pupillary blockrhegmatogenousrhegmatogenous retinal detachment (Abbreviations & acronyms: RRD)rheumrheumatic diseaserheumatic disorderrheumatismrhodopsin riboflavinrightright eye (Abbreviations & acronyms: RE)right eye fixation preferencerigid contact lensrigid contact lenses rigid gas permeable contact lens (Abbreviations & acronyms: RGPCL, RGP CL)rigid gas permeable contact lenses (Abbreviations & acronyms: RGPCL, RGP CL)rigidityrigidity of the pupilring scotomarise in intraocular pressure (Abbreviations & acronyms: rise in IOP)riskrisk factor (Abbreviations & acronyms: RF)risk factors (Abbreviations & acronyms: RF)river blindnessRobles´ diseaserodrod cellrod cone dystrophy (Abbreviations & acronyms: RCD)Roenne´s nasal scotomaRoenne´s nasal stepRoenne´s stepRonne´s nasal scotomaRonne´s nasal stepRonne´s steprosacearose bengalrotatory nystagmus (Abbreviations & acronyms: RN)routine examination (Abbreviations & acronyms: routine exam)routine medical examination (Abbreviations & acronyms: routine exam)routine physical examination (Abbreviations & acronyms: routine exam)RPE hypertrophyRPE pigment clumpingRPE rarefactionrubbingrubeosis iridisrupture of the anterior capsulerupture of the lens capsule rupture of the posterior capsulerust ringRuthenium plaqueRuthenium-106 plaque (Abbreviations & acronyms: Ru-106 plaque)Rønne´s nasal scotomaRønne´s nasal step


saccadesaccadic eye movement (Abbreviations & acronyms: SEM)saccadic eye movements (Abbreviations & acronyms: SEM)saccadic movementsaccadic movements (pl.)sagittal curvaturesagittal dioptric powersagittal powersagittal refractive powerSalzmann noduleSalzmann nodules Salzmann´s corneal degenerationSalzmann´s nodular corneal degeneration (Abbreviations & acronyms: SNCD)Salzmann´s nodular degeneration (Abbreviations & acronyms: SND)Salzmann´s nodular disease (Abbreviations & acronyms: SND)Salzmann´s noduleSalzmann´s nodules Sampaolesi´s linesands of Sahara (Abbreviations & acronyms: SOS)sands of the Sahara (Abbreviations & acronyms: SOS)sandy eyessarcoidsarcoidosisSattler's veilsaturationsaucerisation of the optic discsaucerisation of the optic disksaucerization of the optic discsaucerization of the optic disksaucerized discsaucerized optic discsaucerized optic diskscarscarringscatter laser treatmentscatter photocoagulationscattered lightScheimpflug cameraScheimpflug imageScheimpflug measurementScheimpflug principleSchirmer´s testSchlemm´s canal (Abbreviations & acronyms: SC)Schnyder corneal dystrophy (Abbreviations & acronyms: SCD)Schnyder crystalline corneal dystrophy (Abbreviations & acronyms: SCCD)Schnyder crystalline dystrophy (Abbreviations & acronyms: SCD)Schwalbe´s linesciascopysciencescintillating scotomascissors sclerasclera flapsclera-fixated intraocular lens (Abbreviations & acronyms: SFIOL)sclera-sutured intraocular lens (Abbreviations & acronyms: SSIOL)scleral band scleral buckle scleral buckle (Abbreviations & acronyms: SB)scleral bucklescleral bucklescleral buckle surgeryscleral buckling (Abbreviations & acronyms: buckling)scleral buckling surgeryscleral expansionscleral fixated intraocular lens (Abbreviations & acronyms: SFIOL)scleral fixationscleral flapscleral indentation (Abbreviations & acronyms: indentation)scleral lensscleral spurscleral staphylomascleral sutured intraocular lens (Abbreviations & acronyms: SSIOL)scleral tunnel scleral tunnel incisionscleral venous sinussclerectomy scleritisscleromalaciasclerosingsclerotomyscotomascotopic (Abbreviations & acronyms: scot.)scotopic visionscraperscratchscratchesscratchy eyes screening examinationscrofulascrofulosisscrofulous keratitisscrophulosisscrophulous keratitisscrubscrutinyseasonal allergic conjunctivitis (Abbreviations & acronyms: SAC)seasonal conjunctivitissebaceous cystsebaceous gland sebaceous glands seclusio pupillaeseclusion of pupilsecond of arcsecondarysecondary angle closure glaucoma (Abbreviations & acronyms: SACG)secondary cataractsecondary closed angle glaucoma (Abbreviations & acronyms: SCAG)secondary closed-angle glaucoma (Abbreviations & acronyms: SCAG)secondary glaucoma (Abbreviations & acronyms: SG)secondary intraocular lens implantation (Abbreviations & acronyms: secondary IOL implantation, secondary implantation)secondary narrow angle glaucomasecondary narrow-angle glaucomasecondary open angle glaucoma (Abbreviations & acronyms: SOAG)secondary open-angle glaucoma (Abbreviations & acronyms: SOAG)secondary visual cortexsecretionsectoral heterochromia of the irissedimentation rateseesaw nystagmussegmental explant segmental scleral buckle (Abbreviations & acronyms: segmental buckle)segmentary heterochromia of the irissegmentation of the blood columnSeidel aberrations Seidel scotoma Seidel signSeidel signSeidel testSeidel´s signSeidel´s signselective laser trabeculoplasty (Abbreviations & acronyms: SLT)self-pay patientself-paying patientsenile retinoschisissenior physicianSenior–Løken syndromesensitivesensitivityserious adverse event (Abbreviations & acronyms: SAE )serousserous retinal detachment (Abbreviations & acronyms: SRD)serpiginous chorioiditis (Abbreviations & acronyms: SC)serpiginous chorioretinopathy (Abbreviations & acronyms: SC)serpiginous choroiditis (Abbreviations & acronyms: SC)serpiginous keratitisserum eye dropsserum eyedropssetting sun signseventh cranial nerve palsyseventh cranial nerve paralysisseventh nerve palsyseveresevere non proliferative diabetic retinopathy (Abbreviations & acronyms: severe NPDR)severe non-proliferative diabetic retinopathy (Abbreviations & acronyms: severe NPDR)severityshade shaded lenses shagreenshallowshallow anterior chambershamshapesharp sharp (context: optic disc sharp) (Abbreviations & acronyms: S)sharp borderssharp edged (context: optic disc margin sharp edged)sharp margin sharp-borderedsharp-margined sharpnesssheath of Schwannsheathing of retinal vessels (Abbreviations & acronyms: sheathing)shelf lifeshinershinglesshock-induced anterior ischaemic optic neuropathy (Abbreviations & acronyms: SI-AION)shock-induced anterior ischemic optic neuropathy (Abbreviations & acronyms: SI-AION)shock-induced ischaemic optic neuropathy (Abbreviations & acronyms: SI-ION)shock-induced ischemic optic neuropathy (Abbreviations & acronyms: SI-ION)shock-induced posterior ischaemic optic neuropathy (Abbreviations & acronyms: SI-PION)shock-induced posterior ischemic optic neuropathy (Abbreviations & acronyms: SI-PION)short posterior ciliary artery (Abbreviations & acronyms: SPCA)short-lasting unilateral neuralgiform headache with conjunctival injection and tearing (Abbreviations & acronyms: SUNCT)short-sightedshort-sightednessshortsightedshortsightednesssiblings sicca syndrome sicksick personsickle cell anaemia (Abbreviations & acronyms: SCA)sickle cell anemia (Abbreviations & acronyms: SCA)sickle cell disease (Abbreviations & acronyms: SCD)sickle cell retinopathy (Abbreviations & acronyms: SCR)sickle retinopathy (Abbreviations & acronyms: SR)side effectside visionsideport incision (Abbreviations & acronyms: sideport)sightsign insign, e.g. sign of inflammationsigns of signs, e.g. signs of inflammationsilicone oil (Abbreviations & acronyms: oil)silicone oil injection (Abbreviations & acronyms: oil injection, SOI)silicone oil removalsilicone oil tamponade (Abbreviations & acronyms: oil tamponade)silver wire arteries silver wire arterysilver wiringsimple interrupted stitchsimultaneous prism and cover test (Abbreviations & acronyms: SPCT)simultaneous prism cover test (Abbreviations & acronyms: SPCT)sine correctione (Abbreviations & acronyms: sc, s.c.)sinusitissix times a day (Abbreviations & acronyms: q.4h, q4h)sixth cranial nerve palsysixth nerve palsySjögren´s disease (Abbreviations & acronyms: SD)Sjögren´s syndrome (Abbreviations & acronyms: SS)Sjögren´s syndrome aqueous tear deficiency (Abbreviations & acronyms: SSTD)Sjögren´s syndrome tear deficienct dry eyeSjögren´s syndrome tear deficiency (Abbreviations & acronyms: SSTD)skiascopeskiascopyslide smearslit illuminationslit lampslit lamp biomicroscopy (Abbreviations & acronyms: SLB)slit lamp examination (Abbreviations & acronyms: SLE)slit-lampslit-lamp biomicroscopy (Abbreviations & acronyms: SLB)slit-lamp examination (Abbreviations & acronyms: SLE)slit-like retinal nerve fiber layer defect (Abbreviations & acronyms: slit-like RNFL defect, slit-like RNFLD)slow-release (Abbreviations & acronyms: SR)slow-release tabletsluggish pupillary responsesmall cell lung carcinoma (Abbreviations & acronyms: SCLC)small incision cataract surgery (Abbreviations & acronyms: SICS)small vessel diseasesmearsmooth pursuit eye movement (Abbreviations & acronyms: SPEM)smooth pursuit eye movements (Abbreviations & acronyms: SPEM)snail track degenerationsnail-track degenerationsnailtrack degenerationSnellen chartSnellen eye chartSnellen fractionSnellen notationSnellen visual acuitySnellen´s chartSnellen´s eye chartsnow blindnesssnowballsnowballs snowbanksnowbankingsnowbanks snowflake degenerationsnowflake retinal degenerationsnowflake vitreoretinal degenerationSocietas Ophthalmologica Europæa (Abbreviations & acronyms: SOE)Soemmering ringSoemmering ring cataractSoemmering's ring cataractSoemmering’s ringsoft confluent drusen (pl.)soft contact lenssoft contact lenses soft drusen soft exudatessolar keratosissolar retinopathysonographysore eyesspace occupying lesionspace of Martegianispace-occupying lesionspatial visionspatulaspecialisationspecialistspecialist in internal medicinespecializationspecialty board examination (Abbreviations & acronyms: specialty board exam)specialty certificate examination (Abbreviations & acronyms: specialty exam)specificspectacle lens power (Abbreviations & acronyms: lens power)spectacle lens strength (Abbreviations & acronyms: lens strength)spectacle mounted magnifierspectacle mounted magnifying glassspectacle mounted telescopespectacle mounted telescopes spectacle mounted telescopic aidspectacle templespectacle temples spectacle wearer (Abbreviations & acronyms: specs wearer)spectacle-mounted magnifierspectacle-mounted magnifying glassspectacle-mounted telescopespectacle-mounted telescopes spectacle-mounted telescopic aidspectaclesspecular microscopysphenoid bonesphere (Abbreviations & acronyms: sph, Sph, SPH)sphericsphericalspherical aberration (Abbreviations & acronyms: SA, sphA, sph ab)spherical equivalent (Abbreviations & acronyms: SE)spherical equivalent refraction (Abbreviations & acronyms: SER)spherical refractive error (Abbreviations & acronyms: SRE)spheroid degeneration spheroid degeneration of the cornea (Abbreviations & acronyms: SDC)spheroidal degeneration spheroidal degeneration of the cornea (Abbreviations & acronyms: SDC)spherophakiaspinal tapsplinter haemorrhage (Abbreviations & acronyms: SH)splinter haemorrhages (pl.) (Abbreviations & acronyms: SH)splinter hemorrhage (Abbreviations & acronyms: SH)splinter hemorrhages (pl.) (Abbreviations & acronyms: SH)spoke spoke cataractspokes spontaneous nystagmus (Abbreviations & acronyms: SN)spring conjunctivitissquamous cell carcinoma (Abbreviations & acronyms: SCC)squamous cellssquamous epitheliumsquamous metaplasia squamous neoplasiasqueeze squintsquint squintingstab incisionstable stage stagingstainstainingstaphylomastarburststarburst phenomenonStargardt´s disease (Abbreviations & acronyms: SD, STGD)static perimetrystatic refractionstatus deteriorationstatus post (Abbreviations & acronyms: sp, s.p., S/P)statutory health insuranceSteele-Richardson-Olszewski syndromesteepstellate cataractstem cellstem cells stenopaeicstenopaeic glassesstenopaeic slitstenopaeic spectaclesstenopeicstenopeic glassesstenopeic slitstenopeic spectaclesstenosisstereo fundus photographstereo fundus photographystereoacuitystereopsisstereoscopic acuitystereoscopic vision (Abbreviations & acronyms: stereo vision)steroid inducedsteroid-inducedStevens-Johnson syndrome (Abbreviations & acronyms: SJS)sticking plasterStickler syndrome (Abbreviations & acronyms: SS)Stickler´s syndrome (Abbreviations & acronyms: SS)sticky eyesticky eyes stiffness of the pupilstippled corneastippling of the corneastone cootiestone lousestrabismstrabismologystrabismusstrabismus convergensstrabismus deorsoadductoriusstrabismus divergensstrabismus hookstrabismus surgerystrabismus surgerystrabismus surso-adductorius (Abbreviations & acronyms: SSA)strabologiststrabologystrabologystratum opticumstray lightstria (Lasik) striae (pl.)(Lasik) striate area (Abbreviations & acronyms: V1)striate cortex (Abbreviations & acronyms: V1)strokestromastromal bedstructurestudystudy designSturm´s conoidstyesub-clinicalsub-conjunctival haemorrhage (Abbreviations & acronyms: SCH)sub-conjunctival hemorrhage (Abbreviations & acronyms: SCH)sub-epithelial corneal infiltratessub-epithelial infiltrates (Abbreviations & acronyms: SEI)sub-epithelial mucinous corneal dystrophy (Abbreviations & acronyms: SMCD)sub-epithelial opacitiessub-fieldsub-luxatio lentissub-luxationsub-macularsub-macular haemorrhage (Abbreviations & acronyms: SMH)sub-macular hemorrhage (Abbreviations & acronyms: SMH)sub-retinalsub-retinal fibrosis (Abbreviations & acronyms: SRF)sub-retinal fibrosis and uveitis syndrome (Abbreviations & acronyms: SFU)sub-retinal fluid (Abbreviations & acronyms: SRF)sub-retinal fluid drainage (Abbreviations & acronyms: SRFD)sub-retinal haemorrhage (Abbreviations & acronyms: SRH)sub-retinal hemorrhage (Abbreviations & acronyms: SRH)sub-retinal macular surgery (Abbreviations & acronyms: SMS)sub-retinal membrane (Abbreviations & acronyms: SRM)sub-retinal neovascularisation (Abbreviations & acronyms: SRNV)sub-retinal neovascularization (Abbreviations & acronyms: SRNV)sub-retinal spacesub-tarsal (Abbreviations & acronyms: st)sub-Tenon (Abbreviations & acronyms: SBT)subclinicalsubclinical keratoconussubconjunctival haemorrhage (Abbreviations & acronyms: SCH)subconjunctival hemorrhage (Abbreviations & acronyms: SCH)subepithelial corneal infiltratessubepithelial infiltrates (Abbreviations & acronyms: SEI)subepithelial mucinous corneal dystrophy (Abbreviations & acronyms: SMCD)subepithelial opacitiessubfieldsubjectsubjective measurement of refractionsubjective refraction (Abbreviations & acronyms: SR)subluxatio lentissubluxationsubmacularsubmacular haemorrhage (Abbreviations & acronyms: SMH)submacular hemorrhage (Abbreviations & acronyms: SMH)subretinalsubretinal fibrosis (Abbreviations & acronyms: SRF)subretinal fibrosis and uveitis syndrome (Abbreviations & acronyms: SFU)subretinal fluid (Abbreviations & acronyms: SRF)subretinal fluid drainage (Abbreviations & acronyms: SRFD)subretinal haemorrhage (Abbreviations & acronyms: SRH)subretinal hemorrhage (Abbreviations & acronyms: SRH)subretinal macular surgery (Abbreviations & acronyms: SMS)subretinal membrane (Abbreviations & acronyms: SRM)subretinal neovascularisation (Abbreviations & acronyms: SRNV)subretinal neovascularization (Abbreviations & acronyms: SRNV)subretinal spacesubtarsal (Abbreviations & acronyms: st)subtenon (Abbreviations & acronyms: SBT)sulcus ciliarissulcus fixated intraocular lenssulcus fixated IOLsulcus fixationsulcus-fixated intraocular lenssulcus-fixated IOLsulfonamide-antibiotics (Abbreviations & acronyms: sulfonamides)sulphur hexafluoride (Abbreviations & acronyms: SF6)SUNCT syndromesundowningsundowning eyes sunset eyes sunset signsuperficialsuperficial punctate keratitis (Abbreviations & acronyms: SPK)superficial punctate keratopathy (Abbreviations & acronyms: SPK)superior arcadesuperior arcade vessels superior colliculi (Abbreviations & acronyms: SC)superior colliculus (Abbreviations & acronyms: SC)superior epithelial arcuate lesion (Abbreviations & acronyms: SEAL)superior hemianopiasuperior hemianopsiasuperior limbic keratoconjunctivitis (Abbreviations & acronyms: SLK)superior oblique muscle (Abbreviations & acronyms: SO, SOM)superior oblique myokymia superior ophthalmic vein (Abbreviations & acronyms: SOV)superior orbital fissuresuperior rectus muscle (Abbreviations & acronyms: SR, SRM)superior retinal arcadesuperior retinal arcade vessels superior retinal vascular arcadesuperior tarsal musclesuperior tarsal platesuperior tarsussuperior vascular arcadesupernatantsuppress suppression suprachorioidal haemorrhage (Abbreviations & acronyms: SCH)suprachorioidal hemorrhage (Abbreviations & acronyms: SCH)suprachoroidal haemorrhage (Abbreviations & acronyms: SCH)suprachoroidal hemorrhage (Abbreviations & acronyms: SCH)supraorbital foramensupraorbital nervesurface ablationsurface area (Abbreviations & acronyms: surface)surface of the eye (Abbreviations & acronyms: surface)surgeonsurgeonsurgerysurgery (Abbreviations & acronyms: SX, Sx, sx)surgerysurgerysurgicalsurgical (context: surgical retina)surgical capsurgical glovesurgical gloves surgical microscopesurgical ophthalmologysurgical posterior ischaemic optic neuropathy (Abbreviations & acronyms: surgical PION)surgical posterior ischemic optic neuropathy (Abbreviations & acronyms: surgical PION)surgical removalsurgical retinasurgical therapysurgical treatmentsuspectedsuspensory ligament of Lockwoodsustained-action (Abbreviations & acronyms: SA)sustained-action tabletsustained-release (Abbreviations & acronyms: SR)sustained-release tabletsuturesuture looseningsuture lysissuture tighteningsuturelesssuturelysisswabswab swellingSwinging flashlight Test (Abbreviations & acronyms: SFT, SWIFT)swollen (context: optic disc swollen)symblepharonsympathetic ophthalmia (Abbreviations & acronyms: SO)sympatholytic agent (Abbreviations & acronyms: sympatholytic )sympatholytic agents (Abbreviations & acronyms: sympatholytics )sympatholytic drug (Abbreviations & acronyms: sympatholytic )sympatholytic drugs (Abbreviations & acronyms: sympatholytics )sympathomimetic agent (Abbreviations & acronyms: sympathomimetic)sympathomimetic agents (Abbreviations & acronyms: sympathomimetics )sympathomimetic drug (Abbreviations & acronyms: sympathomimetic)sympathomimetic drugs (Abbreviations & acronyms: sympathomimetics )symptomsymptomatic symptomatic headachesymptoms (Abbreviations & acronyms: Sx)synchisissynchisis niveasynchisis scintillanssynechiasynechia of the irissynechiae synechiae of the iris synechiolysissyneresissynkinesissyphilissyringe syringingsyringing of nasolacrimal ductsyringomasystemic disease systolic blood pressure (Abbreviations & acronyms: SBP, BPs)


T cellT lymphocytetablettamponadetangential curvaturetangential dioptric powertangential powertangential refractive powertaptapered occlusiontapered occlusion therapytapetoretinal dystrophy (Abbreviations & acronyms: TRD)Tapetum lucidumtarget intraocular pressure (Abbreviations & acronyms: target IOP)target pressuretarsaltarsal platetarsorrhaphy tarsorrhaphytarsustear tear break up time (Abbreviations & acronyms: TBUT)tear break-up time (Abbreviations & acronyms: TBUT)tear breakup time (Abbreviations & acronyms: TBUT)tear deficiencytear deficient dry eye (Abbreviations & acronyms: TDDE)tear drainage systemtear ducttear filmtear film break up time (Abbreviations & acronyms: TFBUT)tear film break-up time (Abbreviations & acronyms: TFBUT)tear film interferometertear film interferometrytear fluidtear gland (Abbreviations & acronyms: TG)tear laketear meniscustear passagetear productiontear sac (Abbreviations & acronyms: TS)tear secretiontear substitutes (pl.)tearingtearing eyetearing eyes tearing of the anterior capsuletearing of the lens capsule tearing of the posterior capsuletears teary eyes telescopetempletemple armtemple arms temples temporal arcadetemporal arcade vessels temporal arteritis (Abbreviations & acronyms: TA)temporal disc pallor temporal disk pallor temporal hemianopia (Abbreviations & acronyms: THA)temporal hemianopsia (Abbreviations & acronyms: THA)temporal optic disc pallor temporal optic disk pallor temporal pallor of the optic disctemporal pallor of the optic disktemporal retinal arcadetemporal retinal arcade vessels (pl.)temporal retinal vascular arcadetemporal vascular arcadetemporal-superior-nasal-inferior-temporal (Abbreviations & acronyms: TSNIT)temporomandibular joint disorder (Abbreviations & acronyms: TMD, TMJ disorder, TMJD)temporomandibular joint syndrome (Abbreviations & acronyms: TMJ syndrome)Tenon´s capsuleTenon´s fasciatension headachetension-type headacheTerrien´s marginal corneal degeneration (Abbreviations & acronyms: TMD)Terrien´s marginal degeneration (Abbreviations & acronyms: TMD)Terson syndromeTerson's syndrometesselated fundustesttesttesting glassestetracycline antibiotics (Abbreviations & acronyms: tetracyclines)therapeutic contact lens (Abbreviations & acronyms: therapeutic CL, TCL)therapeutic needtherapeutic optiontherapeutic regimentherapythickeningthicknessthickness mapThiel-Behnke´s corneal dystrophy (Abbreviations & acronyms: TBCD)Thiel-Behnke´s dystrophy (Abbreviations & acronyms: TBD)thinningthird cranial nerve palsythird nerve palsythree mirror contact lensthree mirror lensthree times a day (Abbreviations & acronyms: TID, tid, t.i.d., q.8h, q8h)three-mirror lensthresholdthreshold perimetrythreshold visual field testingthrobbing painthrombocytethrombusThygeson´s diseaseThygeson´s keratitisThygeson´s superficial punctate keratitis (Abbreviations & acronyms: TSPK)Thygeson´s superficial punctate keratopathy (Abbreviations & acronyms: TSPK)thyroid eye disease (Abbreviations & acronyms: TED)thyroid ophthalmopathy (Abbreviations & acronyms: TO)thyroid orbitopathy (Abbreviations & acronyms: TO)thyroid-associated orbitopathy (Abbreviations & acronyms: TAO)tic doloureux (Abbreviations & acronyms: TD)tic douloureux (Abbreviations & acronyms: TD)tigroid fundustilted disctilted disktint tinted lenses tissuetissueto apply an antireflection coatingto apply an antireflexion coatingto gapeto give a tapered doseto open the eyelidsto open the lidsto patchto taperto taper occlusionto taper occlusion therapyto wean offtobacco dusttobacco-alcohol-amblyopia (Abbreviations & acronyms: TAA)Todd's syndrometoleranceTolosa Hunt syndrome (Abbreviations & acronyms: THS)Tolosa-Hunt syndrome (Abbreviations & acronyms: THS)tomato-ketchup fundustomographytonometertonometrytopicaltopical anaesthesia (Abbreviations & acronyms: TA)topical anesthesia (Abbreviations & acronyms: TA)topical eye drop anaesthesiatopical eye drop anesthesiatopical therapytopical treatmenttopography-guidedtopography-guided ablationtopography-guided refractive surgerytoric intraocular lens (Abbreviations & acronyms: toric IOL, toric lens)torpedo maculopathytorque antitorque suturetorticollistorticollistortuositas vasorumtortuosity of blood vesselstortuosity of vesselstortuous vessel (Abbreviations & acronyms: TV)tortuous vessels (Abbreviations & acronyms: TV)tortuous, e.g. tortuous vesselstoxictoxic anterior segment syndrome (Abbreviations & acronyms: TASS)toxic epidermal necrolysis (Abbreviations & acronyms: TEN)toxic optic neuropathy (Abbreviations & acronyms: TON)toxic-nutritional optic neuropathy (Abbreviations & acronyms: TON)toxicitytoxoplasmosistrabectometrabecular meshwork (Abbreviations & acronyms: TMW)trabeculectomy (Abbreviations & acronyms: TE)trabeculoplastytrabeculotomytrachomatracking eye movements tractiontraction retinal detachment (Abbreviations & acronyms: TRD)tractionaltractional retinal detachment (Abbreviations & acronyms: TRD)tractus opticus (Abbreviations & acronyms: TRO)transfer transferring transient ischaemic attack (Abbreviations & acronyms: TIA)transient ischemic attack (Abbreviations & acronyms: TIA)transient light sensitivity (Abbreviations & acronyms: TLS)transient light sensitivity syndrome (Abbreviations & acronyms: TLSS)transient light-sensitivity (Abbreviations & acronyms: TLS)transient light-sensitivity syndrome (Abbreviations & acronyms: TLSS)transient visual loss (Abbreviations & acronyms: TVL)transilluminationtransillumination defect of the iristransillumination defects of the iristransillumination iris defect (Abbreviations & acronyms: TID)transillumination iris defects (Abbreviations & acronyms: TIDs)transillumination of the iristransillumination phenomenontransition transition zonetransitional zonetranslocationtransplant (Abbreviations & acronyms: Tx, tx)transplant failuretransplant rejection (Abbreviations & acronyms: rejection)transplant rejection reaction (Abbreviations & acronyms: rejection)transplantationtranspositiontranspupillary thermotherapy (Abbreviations & acronyms: TTT)Trantas dotTrantas dotsTrantas spotTrantas spotstraumatraumatic mydriasistraumatologisttraumatologytreatmenttrefoiltrephinationtrephinetrial trialtrial frametrial glassestrichiasistrichilemmal cysttrifocal eyeglass lenstrifocal eyeglass lensestrifocal glassestrifocal lenstrifocal lensestrifocalstrigeminal nerve (Abbreviations & acronyms: CN V, CN5, V)trigeminal neuralgia (Abbreviations & acronyms: TN, TGN)trigeminal-autonomic cephalgia (Abbreviations & acronyms: TAC)trigeminal-autonomic cephalgias (Abbreviations & acronyms: TACs)triggertrigger factortritanomalytritanopiatrocar trochlear nerve (Abbreviations & acronyms: CN IV, CN4, IV)trochlear nerve palsy (Abbreviations & acronyms: trochlear palsy, TNP)trochlear nerve paralysis (Abbreviations & acronyms: trochlear paralysis, TNP)trochlear nerve paresis (Abbreviations & acronyms: trochlear paresis, TNP)trochleitistropiatrypan blue (Abbreviations & acronyms: TB)tuberculosis (Abbreviations & acronyms: TBC; Tbc, TB)tuberous sclerosis (Abbreviations & acronyms: TS)tuberous sclerosis complex (Abbreviations & acronyms: TSC)tumbling E (Abbreviations & acronyms: E)tumbling E charttumbling E eye charttumortumor feeder vesseltumor of the orbittunnel visiontweezers twice a day (Abbreviations & acronyms: BID, bid, b.i.d., b.d., bd, q.12h, q12h)twitchtying forceps


U-shaped tearulcerulcus serpens corneaeultrasonic axial length scan (Abbreviations & acronyms: axial scan, A scan, A-scan)ultrasonographyultrasound (Abbreviations & acronyms: US)ultrasound biometryultraviolet blocking intraocular lens (Abbreviations & acronyms: UV blocking IOL)ultraviolet keratitis (Abbreviations & acronyms: UV keratitis)ultraviolet light (Abbreviations & acronyms: UV light, UV)ultraviolet radiation (Abbreviations & acronyms: UV radiation, UV)umbounaided (Abbreviations & acronyms: UA)unaltered unalteredunchangeduncorrected (Abbreviations & acronyms: UC)uncorrected distance visionuncorrected distance visual acuity (Abbreviations & acronyms: UCDVA, UDVA)uncorrected visual acuity (Abbreviations & acronyms: UCVA)underactionundermineundermining of the neuroretinal rim (Abbreviations & acronyms: undermining of the rim )uneventfulUnited Kingdom Prospective Diabetes Study (Abbreviations & acronyms: UKPDS)United States Medical Licensing Examination (Abbreviations & acronyms: USMLE)unknown genesisunknown pathogenesisunpreservedunremarkableunspecificupbeat nystagmus (Abbreviations & acronyms: UN)upgazeupper eyelid (Abbreviations & acronyms: UEL)upper hemianopiaupper hemianopsiaupper lid (Abbreviations & acronyms: UL)upper lid marginUrrets-Zavalia syndromeUsher syndromeUsher-Hallgren syndromeUsher-Hallgren´s syndromeUsher´s syndromeuveauveal colobomauveal ectropion uveal effusionuveal effusion syndromeuveal melanomauveiticuveitic glaucomauveitisuveo-encephalitisuveodermatologic syndromeuveoencephalitisuveoscleral outflow


vacuole vacuoles Vannas scissors variable tintvascular endothelial growth factor (Abbreviations & acronyms: VEGF)vasculitisvasoendothelial growth factor (Abbreviations & acronyms: VEGF)vasospasmvaultvaultedvector analysisvector analysisvector calculusVEGF inhibitorveilvein (Abbreviations & acronyms: v)venous beadingvenous engorgementvenous outflow (Abbreviations & acronyms: VO)vernal conjunctivitisvernal keratoconjuctivitis (Abbreviations & acronyms: VKC)verrucavertex distance (Abbreviations & acronyms: VD, V.D.)vertical deviationvertical saccadesvertigovesiclevesselvessel obstructionvessel occlusionvessel sheathing (Abbreviations & acronyms: sheathing)vessel tortuosityvestibular nystagmus (Abbreviations & acronyms: VN)vestibulo-ocular reflex (Abbreviations & acronyms: VOR)vestibuloocular reflex (Abbreviations & acronyms: VOR)video magnifiervideokeratograph videokeratography (Abbreviations & acronyms: VKG)violet blocking intraocular lens (Abbreviations & acronyms: violet blocking IOL)violet-blocking intraocular lens (Abbreviations & acronyms: violet-blocking IOL)viral conjunctivitisvis a tergoviscoelasticviscoelastic substancevisibility of lamina cribosa fenestrations visionvision disordervision impairmentvision loss (Abbreviations & acronyms: VL)visitvisiual acuity declinevisiual acuity loss (Abbreviations & acronyms: VAL)visual acuity (Abbreviations & acronyms: VA)visual acuity (decimal notation)visual acuity (Snellen notation)visual acuity chartvisual acuity testvisual acuity with own correction visual agnosiavisual area V2 (Abbreviations & acronyms: V2)visual auravisual axis (Abbreviations & acronyms: VA)visual cortex (Abbreviations & acronyms: VC)visual deteriorationvisual directionvisual disordervisual disturbances visual evoked potential (Abbreviations & acronyms: VEP)visual evoked potentials (Abbreviations & acronyms: VEP)visual evoked response (Abbreviations & acronyms: VER)visual field (Abbreviations & acronyms: VF)visual field constrictionvisual field defect (Abbreviations & acronyms: VFD)visual field loss (Abbreviations & acronyms: VFL)visual field loss (Abbreviations & acronyms: VFP)visual field loss progression (Abbreviations & acronyms: VFP)visual field narrowingvisual field progression (Abbreviations & acronyms: VFP)visual field testvisual field testingvisual habitvisual habitsvisual hemineglect (Abbreviations & acronyms: VHN)visual impairmentvisual neglect (Abbreviations & acronyms: VN)visual pathwayvisual pathways visual performance visual purplevisual recoveryvisual rehabilitationvisual space agnosiavisualisationvisualisationvisualisation of the lacrimal drainage systemvisualisation of the lacrimal passagevisualisation of the nasolacrimal systemvisualisation of the retinavisualisation of the tear passagevisualizationvisualizationvisualization of the retinavital dyevitamin B2 (Abbreviations & acronyms: B2)vitelliform macular dystrophy (Abbreviations & acronyms: VMD)vitreal detachment (Abbreviations & acronyms: VD)vitrectomyvitreomacular adherencevitreomacular adhesion (Abbreviations & acronyms: VMA)vitreomacular traction (Abbreviations & acronyms: VMT)vitreomacular traction syndrome (Abbreviations & acronyms: VMTS)vitreoretinal (Abbreviations & acronyms: VR)vitreoretinal adherencevitreoretinal adhesionvitreoretinal attachmentvitreoretinal diseasevitreoretinal glittervitreoretinal interfacevitreoretinal surgeryvitreoretinal traction (Abbreviations & acronyms: VRT, VR traction, V-R traction)vitreoretinal traction syndrome (Abbreviations & acronyms: VRTS)vitreoretinal tuftvitreous (Abbreviations & acronyms: vit, vit.)vitreous adherencevitreous adhesionvitreous aspirationvitreous bandvitreous bands vitreous basevitreous bodyvitreous cavityvitreous cellvitreous cellsvitreous condensationvitreous cortexvitreous cutter (Abbreviations & acronyms: cutter)vitreous degenerationvitreous destruction vitreous detachment (Abbreviations & acronyms: VD)vitreous floatervitreous floaters vitreous gelvitreous haemorrhage (Abbreviations & acronyms: VH)vitreous hemorrhage (Abbreviations & acronyms: VH)vitreous humorvitreous humourvitreous incarcerationvitreous infiltratevitreous inflammationvitreous liquefactionvitreous loss (Abbreviations & acronyms: vit loss, vit. loss)vitreous membranevitreous opacities vitreous pressurevitreous prolapsevitreous syneresisvitreous tamponadevitreous tapvitreous tractionvitreous veilvitreous veils vitreous wick syndrome (Abbreviations & acronyms: vitreous wick)vitreous wick syndrome (Abbreviations & acronyms: vitreous wick)vitritisVogt-Koyanagi syndrome (Abbreviations & acronyms: VKS, VK syndrome)Vogt-Koyanagi-Harada disease (Abbreviations & acronyms: VKH, VKHD)Vogt-Koyanagi-Harada syndrome (Abbreviations & acronyms: VKH, VKHS, VKH syndrome)Vogt´s striaVogt´s striaevolitionalvon Graefe´s signvon Hippel–Lindau disease (Abbreviations & acronyms: VHL)von Recklinghausen´s diseasevortex keratopathyvortex vein (Abbreviations & acronyms: VV)vorticose vein (Abbreviations & acronyms: VV)


Waardenburg-Jonker´s dystrophyWagner´s disease (Abbreviations & acronyms: WGN1)Wagner´s syndrome (Abbreviations & acronyms: WGN1)waiting listwartwavefront aberrationwavefront aberrometerwavefront aberrometry (Abbreviations & acronyms: WFA)wavefront analysis (Abbreviations & acronyms: WA)wavefront errorwavefront measurementwavefront-guidedwavefront-guided ablationwavefront-guided refractive surgerywavefront-optimizedwavefront-optimized ablationwavefront-optimized refractive surgerywavelengthwavywaxy discwaxy optic discwaxy optic diskwaxy optic nerve headwaxy-pale discwaxy-pale optic discwaxy-pale optic diskwaxy-pale optic nerve headweaning off treatmentwearing trial wedge (cataract)wedge cataractwedge-shaped retinal nerve fiber layer defect (Abbreviations & acronyms: wedge-shaped RNFL defect, wedge-shaped RNFLD)wedgesWeiss ringWeiss´ ringwelder's maculopathywelding arc maculopathywenwet age-related macular degeneration (Abbreviations & acronyms: wAMD, wARMD, wet AMD, wet ARMD)when necessarywhite blood cell (Abbreviations & acronyms: WBC)white coatwhite dot syndromewhite dot syndromes white to white (Abbreviations & acronyms: WTW)white with pressure (Abbreviations & acronyms: WWP)white without pressure (Abbreviations & acronyms: WWOP)white-to-white (Abbreviations & acronyms: WTW)white-to-white distance (Abbreviations & acronyms: WTW)Whitnall´s tuberclewhorl-like keratopathywindow effect wiping debridement (Abbreviations & acronyms: WD)with blurred borderwith blurred borderswith blurred marginwith ill-defined borderwith ill-defined borderswith ill-defined marginwith reference to (Abbreviations & acronyms: Re:)with the rule astigmatism (Abbreviations & acronyms: WTRA)within normal limits (Abbreviations & acronyms: WNL)work-upworking distancewoundwound healingwry neckwryneck


x-linked juvenile retinoschisis (Abbreviations & acronyms: XJR)X-ray computed axial tomography (Abbreviations & acronyms: CAT)X-ray computed tomography (Abbreviations & acronyms: CT)xantelasmaxanthelasmaxanthelasma palpebrarumxenon-light coagulationxerophthalmia


YAG capsulotomyYAG laserYAG laser capsulotomy (Abbreviations & acronyms: YLC)YAG laser peripheral iridotomy


zeaxanthinZernike polynomialZernike polynomials Zinn´s zonulezonazonular defectzonular dehiscencezonular dialysiszonular fiber (Abbreviations & acronyms: ZF)zonular fibers (Abbreviations & acronyms: ZF)zonule of Zinnzonulolysiszygomatic bone


[...]causing myopic shift

α-adrenergic receptor agonist (Abbreviations & acronyms: α-agonist)α2-adrenergic receptor agonist (Abbreviations & acronyms: α2-agonist)β-blockerβ-blockers μετακτινική αμφιβληστροειδοπάθεια

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